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Your Center City Condo Newsletter 
 November 2017

 Oh yeah...the market is slowing down.


It does every year in late fall. Though I think it's still a better time to sell than say mid Summer.


Our fall condo market replicates the spring market that proceeds it, but at about 75% the pace. 


Once we hit late fall, then it drops to about 50%.


I usually find this pattern will hold until early early Spring hits...which is about the time when it turns into a blood bath of frenzied buyers and happy sellers. 


Inventory remains low in Center City and I don't see that changing anytime soon.....


Amenity Specific Condo Buildings

Many of my buyers ask me which buildings
 they should view based upon specific amenities.
 Here's how I generally respond...

Best Condos For Swimmers:
Two Liberty Or Waterfront Square

Best Condos For Multiple Car Parking:
Bella Vista Lofts offers stacked parking / lifts

Best Condo For Views:
Lots, but I like Society Hill Towers

Best Condos For Gorgeous Common Areas:
Ten Rittenhouse, 1706

Best Condos For Being Pampered:
Ritz Carlton, Two Liberty, The Rittenhouse

Best Condos For Gym Users:
Waterfront Square, Ritz Carlton

Best Condo For Having Guests:
One Riverside

Best Condos For Access To Shows:
Symphony House, Center City One

Best Condos For Dogs:
Naval Square, Waterfront Square

Best Condo For Kids:
Washington Mews

Best Condo For Convenience:
River's Edge

Best Condo For Balconies:
1352 South

Best Condos For Large Kitchens:
Tivoli, The Plaza

Best Condo For Closet Space:
The Philadelphian

Best Condos For Privacy:
Ten Rittenhouse, The Ayer, 1706, One Riverside,
The Lippincott

Want to know why I picked what I picked?
Email me and we can chat!

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 Serious Condo ONLY 
Sales Data For 
The Real Estate Junkies
...You Know Who You Are

(for area codes 19102,19103,19106,19107,19123,19130, 19146,19147)

Number of Condos Settled in 2017 to date:  1046

Number of Condos currently "Pending" :  131

Highest Price Condo to Settle 2017 to date:  $6,231,000

Number of Condos to Settle 2017 OVER $1M: 105

Highest Sale Price Per Zip to Settle 2017:

19102: $2,875,000 (Avenue Of The Arts)

19103: $6,231,000 (Rittenhouse/Fitler Square)

19106: $1,650,00 (Society Hill/ Old City)

19107: $1,837,500 (Washington Sq. West)

19123: $860,000 (Northern Liberties)

19130: $955,000 (Art Museum Area)

19146: $3,700,000 (Graduate/South Broad)

19147: $1,479,406 (Queen Village/Bella Vista)

The One Condo Question That Always Gets A Negative Answer?
I get this all the time...

Is AirBnB allowed 
in this building?

No. Never. Ever.
Almost every building in town will have a clause embedded into it's declaration (under rules and regulations) that the minimum lease period is either SIX or TWELVE months.


Mark Wade 
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All buyers, no office work and a full day of looking at some
really cool condos around town.
It just never gets tiring....Even after 29 years.

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