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Your Center City Condo Newsletter-March 2017

Tips for Working Successfully With A Condo Contractor 

If I have sold you a condo, then you probably know my trusty contractor Mario. We have worked together for almost two decades and ALMOST ALL of my buyers LOVE him- which is nearly impossible odds, but they do. Here are some inside tips he puts out there:

 1) Don't hover- but please ask questions me questions. It is important that our expectations are on the same page.
2) Don't assume something will be done if it's not discussed and in writing. So please, let's review our agreement and cement our understanding and expectations prior to starting the job.
3)  If you add extra work, don't be surprised it's costing more money and your final bill is higher than the original estimate.
4) When it comes to pricing, you get what you pay for. And I 
can 't go around other contractor's work....what's done is done, and to undo and start over is not going to inexpensive.
 5) Treat customers how you would want to be treated. Usually I don't care how the customer treats me... I'm the one who's always nice. It's just good for business and makes everything go so much better.
6) I can only work during certain hours and days in most high rise condo buildings. No way around that. 


And here is what I tell my buyers who want work 
done to their new condo :

Plan the "fly" and fly the plan.
...If you are looking to add time, money and frustration to the job- Just change your mind as the job goes along  :-)

Examining Our $1M + Segment Of The Condo Market

If this segment is doing well, then all of 
Center City is doing well....

Here are some interesting stats that I have pulled from the MLS to show the number of CONDO sales OVER $1m from year to year:

3/2/16 through 3/2/17 - TOTAL 89 Condos sold over $1M

3/2/15 through 3/2/16 - TOTAL 75 Condos sold over $1M

3/2/14 through 3/2/15 - TOTAL 73 Condos sold over $1M

3/2/13 through 3/2/14 - TOTAL 67 Condos sold over $1M

3/2/12 through 3/2/13 - TOTAL 49 Condos sold over $1M

3/2/11 through 3/2/12 - TOTAL 30 Condos sold over $1M

Important to note: All data from local MLS. Zip codes include:
19102,19103,19106,19107,19123,19130,19146, 19147
(roughly Washington Ave. up to Girard...river to river)

My two cents on this data- Nothing surprising here. More empty-nesters moving to town year after year though some of these sales are "move-up buyers" already living in Center City.  And this data is really representative of Center City as a whole- slow measured growth...nothing earth shattering as I think our market has always shown stability. When our market rises, it does so at a sustainable pace. When our market falls, it does so gradually- we don't have the crazy ups and downs of say a Miami, or New York, or DC. We seem to chug along either up or down....
Nothing wrong with that!

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