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Your Center City Condo Newsletter ~   April 2018

Regarding 2301 Cherry St. 

An owner's point of view:

"We've been at River's Edge for more than 3 years now and the difference is nothing short of amazing, as far as the condo board goes.  We get constant emails and letters letting us know exactly what is going on at all times --- who has been hired or who is leaving, what projects are being done, along with their costs and their design, etc. --- and we always know where our money is going.  Everything is transparent and upfront and there are no surprises.  We're welcome to go to meetings and are always informed as to when there will be one.  We're given proxy sheets if we can't make it to a meeting.  No complaints from us on any issues!  And management is super-efficient and friendly.  Nicole LaGreca, our building's manager from CAMCO, is always available and always answers phone calls and emails promptly.  It is a joy to live here. 

Speaking of River's Edge, we are constantly upgrading and improving life here.  The upper garage was closed for about 3 months while they put in all new flooring, ceilings, lighting, and cable work.  They're about to start the lower garage soon.  They got us free parking at several other lots while the work was being done. They are always working in the hallways, painting or repairing or otherwise keeping up with maintenance, and even though I don't like the design of our exterior planter, they keep it neat and well-maintained all the time.  We're a bit uncertain as to what the new construction next door --- the humongous two-tower project that just got underway --- will bring as far as changing the demographics and lifestyle of this neighborhood, but we're sure that our management in this building will not be compromised by it."  

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We now have drone footage of Waterfront Square!
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Trident Insurance Agency:

Be careful. You might just get what you pay for.

There are two key distinctions that every homeowner should know when insuring their home: "replacement cost" versus "market value."

Market value is the price paid for your house. Replacement cost is the price or cost it will take to rebuild your house in the same spot, same size and same quality of construction, at today's costs.

Insurance companies use the replacement cost valuation.

If you need help finding the best homeowner's  insurance coverage to fit your needs email Jessica.Nydick@FoxRoach.com


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