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Is CASH Really King?? / Product Review For Your Condo

Your Center City Condo Newsletter- 
September 2017

Highest Sale Price Per Building
 in Past 12 Months

You have to understand that this sampling is really not a measure of a building's worth.  Maybe one smaller units sold in a building in the past year, or maybe just one super duper large one....You follow me?

The Academy House (1420 Locust) = $703,000
The Barclay (237 S 18th) = $3,500,000
Ten Rittenhouse (130 S. 18th St) = $2,875,000
The Ayer (210 W. Washington Sq) = $775,000
Society Hill Towers (200-220 Locust) = $1,100,000
Hopkinson House (604 S. Washington Sq) = $600,000
The Dorchester = $1,300,000
Wanamaker House = $565,000
Hawthorne Lofts = $358,000
Center City One = $450,000
River's Edge = $470,000
The Philadelphian = $1,050,000
Waterfront Square = $1,250,000
Bella Vista Lofts = $1,300,000
All of Old City = $1,650,000
All of Queen Village = $1,711,000
All of the Loft District = $769,000
The Tivoli = $955,000
Locust Point = $509,000
Dockside = $650,000
The Plaza = $950,000
1830 Rittenhouse = $1,575,000
1820 Rittenhouse = $2,880,000
1900 Rittenhouse = $950,000
Two Liberty = $1,975,000
The Ritz Carlton = $2,875,000
Symphony House = $3,700,000
The Ellington = $450,000
The Aria = $815,000
The Murano = $1,550,000

*All data per Settled Stats via TrendMLS 

 Condo Product Review. By me. By searching the internet.

This is a fantastic idea for maximizing storage potential in a
Walk-In Closet... and the one thing no owner should underestimate is the value of appealing  storage spaces and areas. You'd pretty much have to be from another planet if you think good storage isn't paramount in this town. Mmmm...kay?

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 Serious Comp Data For 
August In Center City

Northern Liberties

Is Cash Really King?
Yes and no...

Cash is a real draw for many sellers in all price ranges and it's not hard to find a fair number of sales in all price ranges that are cash - or at least purchased without the aid of a mortgage contingency (because that really is the crux of the deal).

I am finding that a large number of sales over say the $2m mark are achieved without the need for such a contingency and most new construction in town (for instance) doesn't even allow for a mortgage contingency.
Cash offers seem to be of most value in the lower price ranges where there might be multiple offers on a $400,000 condo... then some parent steps in an obliterates all other parties with cash.

So cash can be king. Let's just say that.


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