Center Cuts: Advanced Energy Center Digest
Issue No.18 – Spring 2023
Stony Brook University Selected as Anchor Institution by NYC for World-leading Climate Center on Governors Island
Maurie McInnis with Eric Adams and Kevin Law
Left: Stony Brook University President Maurie McInnis, Simons Foundation President David Spergel, NYC Mayor Eric Adams. Right: Stony Brook University President Maurie McInnis with AERTC Advisory Board Member & Stony Brook University College Council Chair, Kevin S. Law
New York City Mayor Eric Adams and The Trust for Governors Island today announced that Stony Brook University will serve as the anchor institution for the development of a world-leading climate solutions center on Governors Island in the city’s harbor. “The New York Climate Exchange” (“The Exchange”) will be a first-of-its kind international center for developing and deploying dynamic solutions to our global climate crisis, while also acting as a hub for New Yorkers to benefit from the rapidly evolving green economy.  
Power Players - Our Partners
The New York Power Authority (NYPA) is one of the largest state-owned electric utilities in the nation, producing 25 percent of the power across New York State – more than 80 percent of which is clean, renewable hydropower. 
Committed to driving the state’s ambitious decarbonization goals, NYPA offers clean-energy advisory, planning, procurement and implementation services to statewide customers including local governments, state agencies, not-for-profits, healthcare facilities, businesses, K-12 schools and colleges and universities.
NYPA has provided oversite on more than 2,600 clean-energy projects – from energy-efficiency to solar generation, advanced energy/battery storage, EV infrastructure and market-priced “green” power. NYPA is leading the transition to a carbon-free, economically vibrant New York.
Advisor 411 - Our Board
Doon Gibbs
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Doon Gibbs
We would like to congratulate Brookhaven National Laboratory Director Doon Gibbs on his retirement. Doon has been on the Advisory Board of the AERTC from the beginning and has been a strong supporter of the relationship and collaboration between Stony Brook and BNL, and a believer that the technologies being developed at Stony Brook are major contributors to the science being developed at BNL. Doon saw very early on the need for clean-energy storage, particularly in the utility space, to successfully incorporate renewables into the regional energy mix, and he played a major role in recruiting Esther Takeuchi to both Stony Brook and BNL. We have been very fortunate to have Doon's leadership during his time at the lab, and while we wish him well in his future endeavors, he will be missed.
Robert Catell,
AERTC Board of Directors
Energy Bursts: Spotlighting the Latest AERTC Advances
Student Spotlight
Leading the Charge in Dr. Luo's High-Voltage Haven 
Research Review
For Grid-Focused Dr. Zhou, It's Who You Know
AERTC In The News
NYS Master Teacher Program participants visit the Advanced Combustion and Energy System Laboratory inside AERTC 
Evolve Hydrogen, a 2020 startup developing a disruptive green-energy technology that turns seawater into “green hydrogen,” creates an affordable, ecologically responsible and, most importantly, credible alternative to outgoing fossil fuels.
Saba Khalid discusses the affects of extreme weather events on the electric grid, and how important it is to develop strategies for a cleaner, safer, resilient future.
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