Project RockSTARR recognized by CenterWatch as Top Innovator of 2018
Project RockSTARR honors those who volunteer for a trial while connecting them with local advocacy for education and support.
STARR Coalition members are working diligently on creating programs to shape the future of clinical research, especially in the central nervous system realm. From this work was born the idea, Project RockSTARR.
Participating in a clinical trial gives hope to countless individuals throughout the world. Project RockSTARR celebrates everyone involved in improving the lives of those living with brain disorders and beyond.
The idea is simple. Participating Sponsors agree to dedicate between $25-$200 for each volunteer subject enrolling into a trial to donate the dedicated amount to a local advocacy group of their choice. For instance, when a volunteer is completing the informed consent, they are given information about all advocacy groups within their area. Once they determine the advocacy group they wish to donate, they
simply check off the group. A certificate will be presented to the volunteer thanking them for their contribution. At a predetermined time designated by the sponsor, a check will be cut for each local advocacy group and sent to the clinical research site. The check will then be presented to local advocacy group on behalf of the individuals who participated in the trial.
This project benefits everyone involved:
•  Volunteers learn information about advocacy groups within their area.
•  Volunteers have access to assistance outside the clinical research trial.
•  Volunteers feel a sense of giving back to their community.
•  Advocacy becomes more educated on clinical research trials in their area.
• Advocacy benefits from the additional funding to help support local/state programming.
• Research sites understand the mission of advocacy and their role in the community.
•  Advocacy involved in evolving healthcare landscape.
•  Builds bridges between volunteers, advocacy and clinical research.
This is a great way for potential volunteers to feel invested in the research process. They are already giving their time, body and mind to find cures. Now they have the opportunity to help their communities. Just another example of a way to place the volunteer at the center of the research paradigm.
The STARR Coalition would like to thank Verified Clinical Trials, Alkermes and Pillar Research for donating their time and resources to create the foundation for Project RockSTARR. We would also like to thank the countless others who added to the discussion across research and advocacy.
We hope Project RockSTARR will become a standard across clinical research, across all indications. If you would like more information on Project RockSTARR or would like to become part of this program, send me an email at Read full article here

Photographed (from top) Adam Simmons, MPH, Associate Director, Clinical Program Management, Alkermes; Kerri Weingard, ANP, Chief Operating Office, Verified CLinical Trials; Brian Craig, CEO and owner, Pillar Research.
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