We're in the midst of an organizational change that we'd like to share with you. Please read below. 
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Dear generative somatics (gs) community,

gs was founded in 2009. Crossing the decade mark opened up discussions about our next phase. We see opportunities to deepen and expand our organizational leadership, culture, relationships, strategy, and methodology. 

We're in the midst of an organizational change that we'd like to share with you.

Leadership in Transition

Our Executive Director, Staci K. Haines, founded gs alongside Spenta Kandawalla. Staci came to gs grounded in her many (now 25!) years in somatics, and her fierce commitment to integrating trauma healing and a systemic analysis of power, into this unique and powerful work. Staci's leadership is central to gs. She is a master teacher of this methodology, a dynamic organization-builder, and a movement visionary who has made a mark forwarding the interdependence of personal, collective, and systemic transformation. 

Staci is transitioning from Executive Director into a role focused on methodology, teaching, and teacher development.

Our Program Director, Chris Lymbertos, has been on staff for the last 8 years. C hris brought with her decades of organizing experience, fighting for self-determination and freedom for her communities. Chris plays a key strategic leadership role in gs. Chris developed critical organizational infrastructure, built a strong program team, guided the political direction of gs, recruited participants into gs courses through longtime trusting movement relationships, and served as a lead teacher in gs programs.

Chris is transitioning from being Program Director. In the transition Chris will support the current staff program team and new Program Director, and then will continue to teach gs programs and facilitate political education with gs leadership.

These are significant transitions, and b oth Staci and Chris will remain an important and active part of this organization and community. 

gs is Transforming

This transition is made possible by our incredible staff and teachers, vast majority people of color, who have brought somatics to many movement spaces. 

This is an opportunity for positive change. We have learned a lot this year and are ready for the next stage of the organization. We are hopeful that new leadership will shepherd the organization forward, grounded in our commitment to centered change, our politics, and our mission to support social and environmental justice movements. We also look forward to new leadership bringing new energy, perspective, skills, and vision. 

We are currently searching for a new Program Director and an Interim Executive Director to support gs as we search for the next Executive Director.


We have a great transition team made up of gs staff, board, and teachers, as well as strong consultants helping to lead us through this change. 

Please help us find great people for the above roles. If you have questions about our transition process and what's coming next for gs, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your support over these years. It has let gs grow, hone our strategy, and contribute to transformative and powerful movements. 

With love and rigor,
Raquel and RJ
Raquel Lavi ñ a & RJ Maccani
Board of Directors

A note from Staci 
Dear gs community,

gs grew and took hold so much faster than any of us expected. Our central question as we started the organization was: Is somatics relevant to social and environmental justice movements? It then grew into: How can embodied transformation for leaders, teams and organizations be "booster power" to transformative organizing, to healing the impacts of trauma
and oppression, and to help integrate individual, collective, and systemic change? You all, those of you in courses and movement partnerships, gs teachers, staff and strategy bodies, and gs supporters continue to help us answer these questions and guide the development of gs' work. Thank you. Our aim is to have this be loving and rigorous transformative work that serves liberation and our right relationship to the planet.

I have grown, learned, and changed so much over these years. I deeply appreciate the many people who have invested in this co-creation-- through both support and good challenges. The launching phase is complete and another organizational stage beginning. I am looking forward to the new, different and relevant leadership of this next phase and to gs becoming even more aligned in how we can support movements. I am glad to continue teaching and be rooted in the evolution of the methodology and teacher development. I feel both excitement and tenderness in this change, and am looking forward to a nap or two, and to what's next!


A note from Chris 
Dear gs community,

After almost eight years of being on staff with gs, first as Deputy Director and then as Program Director, I'm transitioning out of my staff role.

I've watched more folks gravitate towards this work. I've learned new ways to support those fighting for self determination, protecting and caring for land and water -- to get closer to what they care about instead of facing burnout, alienation, and other impacts of political repression.
Being in leadership in an intermediary organization during its building phase has had its challenges and teachings. I have personally transformed as a result. I've developed into a lead gs teacher, and I've built with folks I normally wouldn't have had the opportunity to connect with. I am taking with me humility, gratitude, and celebration.
I will remain part of gs as a teacher and consultant. I transition off of staff with trust in the gs community that you will continue to fight fiercely for the emotional and physical liberation of oppressed people. It has been an honor to serve on the gs staff and an honor to serve my comrades through this vehicle. I look forward to continuing my contribution from a new location.
In solidarity and struggle, with love and rigor,

PS. As we head towards 2020, we continue to build gs for the long haul. Part of change is also growth-- we're hiring a new Program Coordinator and Resource Development Manager !

PPS. Along with changing and growing leadership, we have exciting program plans for 2020. Check out our 2020 programs here. Applications are now open!