@ A Glance
Please note exclamation points instead of question marks in the title. Rumor has it that it's finally warming up out there and that the trend may continue. Hopefully our outdoor sports and your outdoor plans can get some consistency and we can stay on track (no pun intended for ourtrack team). Now we're starting to make up games and matches, so stay up-to-date by checking our Athletics Website and our Athletics Calendar to find out where the Saints are in action. Go Saints!
We Are Hosting Boys' Intercity Track & Field TUESDAY
(and we need your help)
We love hosting major events at Central Catholic and one of those is TOMORROW evening when we host the Intercity Boys' Track & Field Meet where we will also honor our Track & Field seniors. (You can catch the girls TONIGHT at BHS.). Hosting big events comes with big responsibilities and we have two opportunities for you to sign up to help and show our community what makes our Saints family so special. The first sign up is for concessions and, not only are there openings for tomorrow, but there are also openings for the Girls' Soccer Regional we're hosting next week. The second sign up is to help the track team fill a few event assistance positions (no experience necessary):
Senior Day of Recollection WEDNESDAY
Sophomore Girls On Retreat WEDNESDAY
Please keep our Seniors and Sophomore girls in your prayers WEDNESDAY as they head offsite to further explore their faith.
Prom is Saturday, April 28 and here is the schedule:
5:30 p.m. - Grand March in our Auditorium
7:00 p.m - Dinner and Dance at Bloomington Country Club
11:30 p.m. - 3:00 a.m. - After Prom at Central Catholic

Remember, Illinois Wesleyan University has politely asked that you refrain from taking Prom photos inside the Ames Library. Their students are getting ready for finals so a quiet library is a must. Thank you for respecting their wishes.
Thank you!
Thank you to everyone who joined us Saturday night for Saints Alive at the Bloomington Country Club! We had a great time hosting and bringing our families together. Our school could not be as successful without your continued, generous support.
Time is Running Out for Yearbook & PDA Orders
We have less than five Senior Parental Displays of Affection (PDAs) left for this year's yearbook so e-mail Jim Reckard to claim yours. Sample and more information  here.

ALSO, if you haven't ordered your 2017-18 yearbook, time is running out. Click here to order today!
Job Opening:
Special Services Coordinator
Please help us spread the word about this job opening for a Special Services Coordinator for the 2018-2019 school year. Applicants must be enthusiastic about the Catholic mission of Central Catholic High School. Reporting to the School Principal, the Special Services Coordinator plays a critical role in building a rigorous education for students with learning needs that maintains and goes beyond compliance.
Sign Up Now For Our Summer Athletics Camps
Registration is open online  for K-8th Grade student athletes to participate in our Summer Athletic Camps.  
Help Us Complete Our Class of 2022
If you know of 8th grade students who would like to come to Central Catholic, talk to them and share your Saints experience. Then feel free to share my cell phone number (309-533-2200) and e-mail with them. All NEW students must apply before a registration form is filled out. The new student road to Central Catholic starts here.