Greetings Central Conference Family,

My name is Kevin Swanson and I am the newly appointed Associate Superintendent of the Central Conference of the ECC. A more official introduction will happen later, but Superintendent Martinez is out of the office this week and there is some critical information that we need to communicate to all of our Central Conference churches.

The global impact and spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19 is well known to all of us. We have done some research here in the conference office and have identified some practical resources that should help us face this challenge with wisdom and grace.

Please forward this message to your staff and volunteers. We also recommend that every church identifies a coordinator who can make sure that appropriate communication and preventative measures are implemented.

Please note that the post from Episcopal Relief and Development has guidelines very specific to faith communities – most of which will apply to your church.

I know it goes without saying, but we must remember that we are people of faith – not fear. We should be the voice peace (Col 3:15) when anxiety is a natural response. God has not been surprised by this outbreak and we need to continue to be the church at all times.

Special thanks to Central Conference Manager – Patty Shepherd for identifying appropriate resources for us.

God bless,

Kevin Swanson 
Associate Superintendent, The Central Conference of the ECC
Central Conference of the ECC
4055 W. Peterson Ave., Suite 106
Chicago, IL 60646