What's Happening This Fall?
By Troy Rueb, Location Manager, Irene/Viborg
After a week of rainfall we finally got to see a week of sunshine. With that came a lot of harvesting being done.

With the harvesting came a lot of hours without the proper sleep and maintenance done on equipment. As important as it is to get the crops out, proper maintenance could also be helpful. For example, causing a bearing to overheat could possibly start a fire. Not enough sleep could be just as detrimental. You could cause serious damage to your equipment and yourself. Or worse yet, you could harvest your neighbors field.
We have started collecting numerous plot data from our corn and soybean plots. Hopefully when the time comes, you will allow us to share and compare. The data can help you make some of your decisions on seed. It can also show your fertilizer and chemical needs a little easier.

All of us at CFC wish each and every one of you a safe and smart harvest.

Important dates to remember:
  • November 4 - Daylight Saving Time End
  • November 11 - Veterans Day
  • November 15 - Deadline for maximum seed discount
  • November 22 - Thanksgiving Day
Story Time
By Megan McCoy, Originator, Lyons
Harvest progress is making good strides as we come into this week with corn at 63% done, which is average, and beans at 72% done, which is behind normal pace. Our area of the country is seeing a less than normal bean harvest as well as it is Halloween and we are still combining beans!
In comparison, the weather in the United States has been VERY unfavorable during this harvest season and will continue that way as we are slated for our second round of snow this weekend. However, the GFS model has moved some of this snow farther to the East of us so hopefully the Midwest receives very minimal amounts of flurries.

The big story is, and continues to be, tariffs with China. President Trump has announced possible tariffs on the remaining Chinese goods if his scheduled meeting doesn’t go well with Xi in November. Chinese beans and meal remain under pressure as officials are struggling to push forward with a plan to get by with less soybean meal in their hog rations.

Contact your local originator for marketing questions and have a safe harvest!
The Cow's Condition
By Jacob Horstman, Nutritional Consultant
As I sit here writing this article we get ready to turn the page to another month once again. It is hard to believe, but where does the time go. At all CFC locations harvest is in full force, with every one trying to beat Mother Nature. With the long hours in the field some producers may not be concentrating on their cattle like they should be.
With everything and everyone being behind this year producers have chosen to let the calves run with mom whereas on a normal year those calves would have been already weaned and in the feedlot. Not saying that there is anything wrong with that, but producers need to take in account the condition of the cow. With those calves still nursing, they will be requiring more energy to maintain adequate body condition. So with that being said it is important to add extra protein or energy for those cows’ diet to make sure they don’t lose condition.

As I stated earlier, combines are moving and crops are getting harvested. Crop residue or cover crops are a good way to cheapen up cow rations whether the calves are weaned or not. Most cows are going into the second trimester of pregnancy and if the calves are weaned this is where their requirements are the least. So with some supplementation of protein tubs or cubes it is easy to “rough” the cows along and even put some weight back on that they may have lost while they were nursing their calf throughout the summer and early fall.

Also this fall we are running promotions through Purina, Hubbard, and QLF where six lucky winners will win a free weekend stay at Grand Falls Casino. If producers have any questions on this feel free to contact Brooke or me and we will help answer any questions you may have.