Soil, Seed and More
By Brian Nelson, Agronomist, Salem
Harvest is getting started with some weather challenges, no thanks to Mother Nature. Soybean yields are being reported as good to excellent. Good soil and drainage seem to be some of the advantages. Corn is about the same with above average to excellent yields, which brings the importance of soil testing.
Soil testing can give you a good idea of what is in the soil and what problems to address. Our CMT variable rate program can address the issues and put you in the right direction. A good fertilizer program has proven to be very beneficial in all yield environments. 

Fall applied phosphorus and potash increase efficiency of your fertilizer and spread out your work load. Talk to your agronomist and get your tons of fertilizer locked in.

With the crazy weather this summer, many diseases are present in fields. Checking fields and prioritizing them according to which one needs to be completed first would be a good practice. Stalk integrity has been an issue. 

While harvesting, be sure to keep an eye on the varieties that are working for you. Seed pricing is out, and we have a full line-up of products to fit your needs. Corn and soybean seed can be major investments, so let us help you with those decisions. 

Regarding chemical applications, fall is the perfect time to get some of this done. Pasture spraying works great in the fall with less risk of hurting off-target crops. As you combine fields, check weed control. Some fields may need a switch to a different chemical program for next spring.

Hope your harvest is bountiful and if you need anything please call your agronomist . We can help with any of your needs. Have a great harvest!
Fall Feed News
By Jeremy Lehrman, Feed Sales & Marketing Division Mgr
It looks like fall is here to stay. Days are getting shorter and leaves are starting to change color. Fall also brings with it harvest and weaning time.

We are seeing some producers start to wean calves before the harvest rush begins. I would strongly encourage producers to implement a strong vaccination program to help combat the stress not only from weaning, but some may still be fighting off challenges from this past spring.
This is a great time to visit with your veterinarian about a solid protocol and establish that vet-client-patient relationship especially if you would need a VFD further down the road. Getting those calves off to a great start after weaning is very important and I encourage you to visit with our dedicated sales team about how they can help with the transition. If your plan to postpone weaning until after harvest I urge you to start creep feeding those calves to take some of the stress off of the cows and help with converting to a feed bunk once weaned.

After harvest a common practice has been to utilize crop residue for fall grazing. This is a great opportunity to let your cows clean up any grass in the fence row and find those dropped ears of corn. Keep in mind if you have spilled grain in the field you should clean it up before turning cows in to prevent overeating issues. Cornstalk residue serves as a great feed source this time of year but often needs to be supplemented with protein to help meet the cows’ nutritional demands. If you have any questions about weaning or protein supplements for your cows on crop residue I encourage you to visit with Jacob or Brooke .

Our fall feed promotion is underway. Given away will be a total of six $400 Resort Packages to Grand Falls Casino and Golf Resort, for use in one of the three restaurants, spa, golf course and hotel. Qualify to win with every 1,000 pounds of product purchased between October 1 and December 31, 2018. Three separate drawings will be held in January. The first drawing will include those who qualified by purchasing Quality Liquid Feeds; the second drawing, by purchasing Hubbard & Crystalyx; and the third drawing, by purchasing Purina or Rangeland products. Call Jacob or Brooke with any questions about our fall feed promotion.

Have a safe and happy harvest season!
Production Numbers
By Mike Carlson, Grain Division Manager
October is finally upon us and that means harvest season. While it doesn’t feel like it looking out our back door, soybean harvest across the country is getting into full swing. Through September, the U.S. farmer had harvested 23% of the beans vs 20% last year and 20% average. Looking closer to home, South Dakota had taken out 21% of the beans, which is well ahead of last year’s pace of 9% and right in line with the 5 year average of 20%. On the corn side, the U.S. is even farther ahead with 26% of the crop already harvested vs 16% last year and 17% average with South Dakota 11% harvested vs 3% last year and 7% average.
Early yield reports are all looking very respectable with both corn and soybean yields coming in better than expected across the vast majority of the corn and bean belt. Some private forecasters are pegging both the U.S. corn and soybean crops being 1 to 1.5 bushels better than the most recent USDA projections of 181.3 and 52.8 bpa respectively. If true, this would bump the already large projected carry outs by another 100 million bushels. The strong demand for corn should provide a nice buffer to help offset some of this increased supply. Unfortunately, the soybean demand doesn’t look quite as promising as many reports suggest bean exports could drop by over 200 million bushels. Couple this with the added production and our bean carry out could reach an unheard of 1 billion bushels.

The previously mentioned production numbers are going to make it difficult for the corn and/or bean markets to sustain any significant rallies. This makes it all the more important to have a good sound marketing plan in place and the discipline to execute the plan when the opportunities arise. Be sure to reach out to any one of our originators for help with all your grain marketing needs.

Have a safe and prosperous 2018 Harvest Season!!