The 18th annual Central Florida Earth Day will happen on Saturday, April 22 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Lake Eola Park in downtown Orlando! It is now 3 days away!

Please go to the Vendor Packet page of the website to download and read the Central Florida Earth Day vendor announcements #1, the vendor information sheet, and the park rules if you have not already done so. The map and vendor assignments are on the same page.

Sponsors are in two sections in the southeast corner (S1-3 & 4-5). Tent vendors are on the International Bridge (1-30), in the southeast corner (31-36), in the east side (37-83), and along the lake sidewalk (84-94). Vehicle vendors are on Washington Street (W1-7). Spots will be marked by a flag or tape.

Other vendors are in various locations that are not as strictly structured. These include: Orlando Weekly, City of Orlando, Artist Corner, Earth Kids Zone, Food Court, Animal Haven, Activities, and Green Vehicles.

Vendors in the east side or north of there should unload at E. Washington Street or N. Eola Drive. Vendors in the southeast corner should unload at the corner of E. Central Boulevard and N. Eola Drive. Vendors on the International Bridge, Food Court, and Animal Haven should unload at N. Osceola Avenue.

Set up starts at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday. Please unload, park, then return to move your stuff to your spot. It is essential that you do not leave your vehicle at a loading area for more time than absolutely necessary because you will likely be preventing someone else from unloading and may get a ticket. We will have volunteers floating to watch your stuff and help you move it if necessary, but there may not be enough to assist everyone who needs it. Please help each other out if you can!

There should be plenty of free parking early Saturday morning on the side streets near the park. Parking meters are enforced on Saturday, including a 2-hour time limit. There are also numerous parking garages nearby if you can't find another spot. You can go to the Parking page of the website for more info. You may not park on N. Osceola Avenue.

The park has very strict rules about driving on grass. If any of our vendors do this, we may be prohibited from using the park again! If you do this, you should expect to be banned from our future events.

If you would like to drop off some or all of your stuff Friday, we will be at the park between 5:00-9:00 p.m. for you to do so. Afterward a security guard will be there until the next morning. Drive up N. Osceola Avenue near the sidewalk. The next morning move your stuff from this area to your spot. Please do not actually set up your booth the day before without express permission after you arrive. Your booth may not be safeguarded and you may incur expensive rental fees. If you drop off and your booth is far away, we can transport your stuff on Saturday morning. We strongly urge you to drop off the night before to avoid the chaos of the morning.

During festival hours there is a 50% chance of rain with a high of 88 degrees and winds of 6 mph. 

We are expecting a very large crowd Saturday! Have a great time!
Larry Rumbough, Organizer
Central Florida Earth Day
(321) 331-1859
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