April 2018
Completing the Healthy Start screening form is valuable for all mothers regardless of age, race or economic status. 

Prenatal Screening Rates* (July 2017 - February 2018)
Coalition Prenatal Screening Rate Goal: 70%  
Citrus County
573/789 = 72%
Hernando County
643/1,035 = 62% 
Lake County
1,716/2,251 = 76% 
Sumter County
226/293 = 77% 
Coalition Total
3,158/4,368 = 72%
State Total
99,798/152,666 = 65%
* Prenatal Screening Rate = Total Consenting to Screen / Estimated Number of Pregnant Women

Infant Screening Rates** (June 2017 - February 2018)
Coalition Infant Screening Rate Goal: 85%
Citrus Memorial Health System
313/313 = 100%
Seven Rivers Regional (Crystal River) 201/215 = 94%
Bayfront Health (Spring Hill) 329/329 = 100%
Oak Hill Hospital 592/622 = 95%
Florida Hospital Waterman 352/352 = 100%
Leesburg Regional Medical Center 712/712 = 100%
South Lake Hospital (Clermont) 417/417 = 100%
Coalition Total 2,916/2,960 = 99%
State Total
145,257/152,666 = 95%
** Infant Screening Rate = Total Screened/Total Infants
May is Preeclampsia Awareness Month

As a nationally recognized health observance, Preeclampsia Awareness Month presents the opportunity to offer education that will increase awareness of this life-threatening hypertensive disorder of pregnancy, which occurs in up to eight percent of all pregnancies.
 Signs and symptoms of preeclampsia to look out for:
  • Swelling of the hands and face, especially around the eyes
  • Weight gain of more than 5 pounds in a week
  • Headache that won't go away, even after taking medication such as Tylenol
  • Changes in vision like seeing spots or flashing lights, partial or total loss of eyesight
  • Nausea or throwing up, especially suddenly, after mid pregnancy
  • Upper right belly pain, sometimes mistaken for indigestions or the flu
  • Difficulty breathing, gasping or panting
  • Hyperreflexia
It's also important to know that some women with preeclampsia have NO symptoms or they "just don't feel right."  If there's a sense that something is wrong, even if there are no symptoms, it's still important to contact the healthcare provider immediately. 
    Resource: www.preeclampsia.org
Coalition Spotlight: An Update on Coordinated Intake & Referral
Coordinated Intake & Referral (CI&R) is in full force with quite a few meetings of wonderful collaboration under our belt.  The new component of the Healthy Start System of Care is due to be fully implemented starting July 1, 2018.

The purpose and benefits of CI&R include the following:
  • Maximization on the use of the prenatal and infant risk screening tools
  • Fosters collaboration and referral exchange between various community programs
  • Helps to consolidate, coordinate, streamline and maximize access to care
  • Reduces the duplication of services
  • Improves linkages for services available
  • Ensures that families are being made aware of the programs that best fit their needs and preferences
  • It bolsters recruitment, enrollment, retention and family engagement for quality service delivery
  • Helps to reduce the confusion about the programs available an the services they offer
  • Supports multiple service delivery systems
  • Allows agencies to work closer together to have a greater impact on the social determinants of health

To date we've been able to develop scripts for Healthy Start and Healthy Families in which our CI&R staff will use to "sell" the home visiting programs to potential participants.  The CI&R staff have already begun their trainings and competencies and a training plan has been developed.  The CI&R Manager, Lynne, is working on putting together a CI&R guide as well as gathering program requirements for timelines, program hours of operations and content for the CI&R intake and referral forms.


We've been busy and it' because of your participation and valuable input that we've been as successful as we have been to date, so thank you!  CI&R is going to be a valuable service for our communities and will help match our highest need clients with the best fit home visiting program and resources needed!


Board Membership
Please contact Heather Hollingsworth if you have someone interested in becoming a Board Director.  We are currently looking for representation from the advocacy and consumer categories.
CHS is on AmazonSmile
Did you know that you can donate to Central Healthy Start just by shopping on Amazon?  Want to know how?  Just use the following link and continue to shop as you normally would.  For every purchase made using this link, Amazon will donate a percentage to the Coalition at no additional cost to you.  How cool is that?
Help Me Grow Florida Grant
Healthy Start of North Central Florida recently submitted a response to an RFP for the Help Me Grow Florida (HMGF) grant for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. HMGF is a comprehensive and integrated statewide system designed to identify developmental and/or behavioral concerns in children ages birth through eight (8) years of age, and link their families to community-based services and supports.  The HMGF system model promotes collaboration to build efficient and effective early childhood continuums of care.  If awarded the grant, services would begin on July 1, 2018.
2018 Citrus County World's Greatest Baby Shower
The Citrus County World's Greatest Baby Shower will be held on Tuesday, April 17th at Cornerstone Church located at 1100 West Highland Blvd., in Inverness, Florida.  The shower will have two sessions available with the first session starting at 3:00 PM and running until 5:00 PM and the second session starting at 6:00 PM and running until 8:00 PM.  This is a free event for expectant parents and parents of infants under 6 months of age.  There will be gifts for moms, dads, babies and more!
2018 Hernando County World's Greatest Baby Shower
The Hernando County World's Greatest Baby Shower was held on Saturday, February 24th at the Nature Coast Technical School located at 4057 California Street, in Brooksville, Florida.  The shower was held from 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM.  It was a free event for expectant mothers and parents of infants under 6 months of age.
The Healthy Start Team

Past President
Lesha Buchbinder
Early Learning Coalition of Lake County
Joelle Aboytes
Department of Children and Families - Circuit 5
Vice President
Terri Mathis
LifeStream Behavioral Health Center
Jaclyn Citarella
Mid Florida Community Services
Dana Selfridge
Healthy Families Pasco-Hernando

Esmeralda Batiz
Community Health Centers

Maria Granado
Lake County Community Health Worker Program

Dee Dixon
Healthy Families Citrus County

Ingrid Ellis
Early Learning Coalition of the Nature Coast

Coalition Staff


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Preeclampsia Awareness
Coalition Spotlight
Coalition Updates
The Healthy Start Team
From the Director

We've had a very busy 3rd quarter this year!  I'm relived and very happy to report that Healthy Start successfully avoided a proposed budget cut of 29% by the Florida Senate which would have been approximately $19 million dollars less for our highest risk mothers and babies across the state of Florida.  We are truly grateful to our Florida Legislators for protecting critical funding for Florida Healthy Start and for allowing us to continue to serve this high risk and high need population!
In addition to our advocacy efforts, we've been busy submitting responses for several grants which would add valuable services and resources to our local communities to help those who are in need.
Thank you to all of our Coalition members, service providers, friends and colleagues for their support in getting the word out about the proposed budget cut to Healthy Start this year.  We wouldn't have been successful without your determination and diligent efforts on our behalf.  We sincerely appreciate each and every one of you!  
Julie Moderie, MPH
Program Director
Coordinated Intake & Referral
Thurs., Apr. 5th, 2018
@ 11:00 AM
Kids Central, Inc.

Coordinated Intake & Referral
Thurs., May 3rd, 2018
@ 11:00 AM
Kids Central, Inc.

Executive Committee
Thurs., May 3rd, 2018
@ 1:00 PM  Kids Central, Inc.

Service Provider Advisory Council - Cancelled?
Thurs., Jun. 7th, 2018
@ 10:00 AM
Kids Central, Inc.

Coordinated Intake & Referral
Thurs., Jun. 7th, 2018
@ 10:00 AM
Annual Meeting
Thurs.,  Jun. 7th, 2018
@ 1:00 PM
Kid's Central, Inc. is located at 901 Industrial Drive, Suite 200 in Wildwood, FL.
Early Learning Coalition of Lake County (ELCLC) is located at 1300 Citizens Blvd., in Leesburg, FL.



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