April 2019
Completing the Healthy Start screening form is valuable for all mothers regardless of age, race or economic status. 

Prenatal Screening Rates* (July 2018 - January 2019)
Coalition Prenatal Screening Rate Goal: 70%  
Citrus County
460/608 = 76%
Hernando County
576/958 = 60% 
Lake County
1,548/2,061 = 75% 
Sumter County
205/302 = 68% 
Coalition Total
2,789/3,929 = 71%
State Total
83,211/133,077 = 63%
* Prenatal Screening Rate = Total Consenting to Screen / Estimated Number of Pregnant Women

Infant Screening Rates** (July 2018 - January 2019)
Coalition Infant Screening Rate Goal: 85%
Citrus Memorial Health System
239/240 = 99%
Bayfront Health Seven Rivers 152/152 = 100%
Bayfront Health Spring Hil) 213/214 = 99%
Oak Hill Hospital 623/623 = 100%
Advent Health 351/351 = 100%
Leesburg Regional Medical Center 570/570 = 100%
South Lake Hospital (Clermont) 362/392 = 92%
Coalition Total 3,839/3,929 = 97%
State Total
128,611/133,077 = 97%
** Infant Screening Rate = Total Screened/Total Infants
May is National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

Every May, the nation turns its attention to the prevention of teen pregnancy for a full month.  National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month (NTPPM) highlights the historic declines in rates of teen births in the United States.  Significant declines have occurred in all 50 states and among all racial and ethnic groups, but disparities still exist.

Below you will find a table with our teen pregnancy birth rates using 3-year rolling averages.  You can see that our rates are declining, which is great,  but most of our counties still sit substantially higher than the state rate.  This means we still have work to do!

2011-2013 2012-2014 2013-2015 2014-2016 2015-2017
Citrus 36.6 33.6 29.5 27.6 27.3
Hernando 27.0 22.2 21.4 20.4 20.5
Lake 33.5 31.5 29.3 26.9 24.1
Sumter 50.9 48.3 42.4 38.6 39.9
Florida 27.0 24.9 22.7 21.0 19.7

Quick Facts
  • There were 20.3 teen births for every 1,000 females ages 15-19 years in 2016.
  • The teen birth rate in the United States is at a historic low, but it remains higher than the rate in many other developed countries.
  • Teen birth rates differ substantially by age, racial/ethnic group, and region of the country.
  • Birth rates are higher among Hispanic and black adolescents than among their white counterparts.
  • While Hispanics still have a higher teen birth rate than their black and white peers, there has been a substantial decline in recent years.
For NTPPM tools and resources, please  click here.

Resource: https://www.hhs.gov
Hanging of the Hands for Children's Week 2019

On behalf of the Central Healthy Start coalition, I'd like to thank everyone who sent in their hands/feet artwork to display at the state capitol!  Below you will find some pictures that were taken at the hanging of the hands ceremony on Sunday, March 24th.


Board Membership
Please contact Heather Hollingsworth if you have someone interested in becoming a Board Director.  We are currently looking for representation from the Community Organization, Advocacy and Consumer categories.
Welcome Kristen Hopper, LCSW
Please join me in welcoming our newest Board Director, Kristen Hopper.  Kristen is the Associate Vice President of Child Integrated Services for LifeStream Behavioral Center.  We are excited to have her on our team and look forward to working with her in the future!

Circuit 5 Substance Exposed Newborn Summit
The Circuit 5 Substance Exposed Newborn Taskforce is facilitating a one-day summit entitled, "Healthy Start of North Central Florida and WellFlorida Council are proud to sponsor "Education & Beyond: Supporting Substance Exposed Newborn Communities," on Friday April 8th from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM at the Wildwood Community Center located at 6500 Powell Road.  Anyone is welcome to participate and can register at  www.hernandocommunitycoalition.com.  Those cost is $30.  For more information, please contat 352-596-8000.

CHS is on AmazonSmile
Did you know that you can donate to Central Healthy Start just by shopping on Amazon?  Want to know how?  Just use the following link and continue to shop as you normally would.  For every purchase made using this link, Amazon will donate a percentage to the Coalition at no additional cost to you.  How cool is that?
2019 Sumter County Baby Shower
The Sumter County Baby Shower took place on February 1, 2019 from 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM at the Sumter County Fairgrounds located in Bushnell, Florida.  There were 41 registered mothers, 94 total attendees and 15 partner agencies that participated int he event.

The Healthy Start Team

Lesha Buchbinder
Early Learning Coalition of Lake County
Past President
Joelle Aboytes
Department of Children and Families - Circuit 5
Vice President
Dana Selfridge
Healthy Families Pasco-Hernando
Jaclyn Citarella
Mid Florida Community Services
Ingrid Schaper
Early Learning Coalition of he Nature Coast

Esmeralda Batiz
Community Health Centers

Dee Dixon
Healthy Families Citrus County

Maria Granado Lake County Community Health Worker Program

Kristen Hopper LifeStream Behavioral Center

Issue: 4
Coalition Screening Rates  
Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Hanging of the Hands
Coalition Updates
The Healthy Start Team
From the Director


The 2019 Legislative session started at the beginning of March and I'm happy to report that both the House and Senate have proposed to keep Healthy Start fully funded.  I'm grateful for an uneventful legislative session thus far.

Children's Week was the week of March 24th and to kick it off there was the "Hanging of Hands" ceremony at the Capitol Rotunda.  Thank you to everyone who sent in children's hands/feet to display at this wonderful event.  There are some great pictures of the display included in the e-newsletter so please be sure to check them out.

Please remember to mark your calendars for our upcoming annual meeting on Thursday, June 6th from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM at the Early Learning Coalition in Lake County located at 1300 Citizens Blvd., Leesburg, Florida.

We look forward to seeing you all in June!

Happy Spring!
Julie Moderie, MPH
Program Director
Care Coordinator Meeting*
Thurs., April 4th, 2019
@ 9:00 AM at Kids Central, Inc.

CI&R Home Advisory Committee Meeting*
Thurs., April 4th, 2019
@ 11:00 AM at Kids Central, Inc.

Service Provider Advisory Council Meeting
Thurs., May 2nd, 2019
@ 11:00 AM, TBA

Executive Committee Meeting
Thurs., May 2nd, 2019
@ 11:00 AM, TBA

Annual Meeting**
Thurs., June 6, 2019
@ 1:00 PM at the Early Learning Coalition of Lake County

*Kid's Central, Inc. is located at 901 Industrial Drive, Suite 200 in Wildwood, FL.

**Early Learning Coalition of Lake County is located at 1300 Citizens Blvd., Leesburg, Florida



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