October 2016
Completing the Healthy Start screening form is valuable for all mothers regardless of age, race or economic status. 

Prenatal Screening Rates* (July 2016 - August 2016)
Coalition Prenatal Screening Rate Goal: 70%  
Citrus County
134/159 = 84%
Hernando County
129/286 = 45% 
Lake County
360/581 = 62% 
Sumter County
60/79 = 76% 
Coalition Total
683/1,105 = 62%
State Total
22,558/39,109 = 58%
* Prenatal Screening Rate = Total Consenting to Screen / Estimated Number of Pregnant Women
Please note that we expect for the prenatal screening rates to be lower at the beginning of the year because we are trying to catch up with inputting the screens into the data system for the first few months.

Infant Screening Rates** (July 2016 - August 2016)
Coalition Infant Screening Rate Goal: 85%
Citrus Memorial Health System
58/59 = 98%
Seven Rivers Regional (Crystal River) 39/45 = 87%
Bayfront Health (Spring Hill) 137/174 = 79%
Oak Hill Hospital 1/87 = 1%
Florida Hospital Waterman 96/96 = 100%
Leesburg Regional Medical Center 194/194 = 100%
South Lake Hospital (Clermont) 103/103 = 100%
Coalition Total 958/1,105 = 91%
State Total
36,533/39,109 = 93%
** Infant Screening Rate = Total Screened/Total Infants
Lake County Baby Fair Recap

The 2016 Young Families Health Initiatives Lake County Baby Fair, held at Via Port Mall in Leesburg, was a big success.  This year's event was held in two sessions on September 8th with 96 expectant mom's and 247 attendees. 
The free event was focused on educating new and first-time families on current health and safety issues within our community.  Florida Hospital Waterman, Leesburg Regional Medical Center, Healthy Start, Healthy Families, The Pregnancy Care Center - Leesburg, and Dr. Cheas of Silver Lake Pediatrics were among the 28 exhibitors who provided educational material to families on topics such as breastfeeding, child passenger safety, dental care while pregnant, and safe sleep. 
Exhibitors were asked to donate door prizes in lieu of paying for table space at the event.  Five pack and plays, two cribs, and four car seats were given to area families who participated in a scavenger hunt by visiting each exhibitor and who were then able to answer a question relating to an educational question asked by the exhibitor. 
Community quilters guilds provided tummy time mats, which the Young Families Health Initiative committee members attached safe sleep information from the National Institute of Health Safe to Sleep and details on the importance of tummy time and how to ensure your child is safe during tummy time. 
October is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Awareness Month
Fast Facts About SIDS
  • SIDS is the leading cause of death among babies between 1 month and 1 year of age.
  • Most SIDS deaths occur when babies between 1 month and 4 months of age, and the majority (90%) of SIDS deaths occur before a baby reaches 6 months of age.  However SIDS deaths can occur anytime during a baby's first year of life.
  • SIDS is a sudden and silent medical disorder that can happen to an infant who seems healthy.
  • SIDS is sometimes called "crib death" or "cot death" because it is associated with the timeframe when the baby is sleeping.  Cribs themselves don't cause SIDS, but the baby's sleep environment can influence sleep-related causes of death.
  • Slightly more boys die of SIDS than girls do.
  • In the past, the number of SIDS deaths seemed to increase during the colder months of the year.  But today, the numbers are more evenly spread throughout the calendar year.
Baby's Anatomy When on the Stomach and on the Back
Back sleeping does not increase the risk of choking.  In fact, babies may be better able to clear fluids when they are on their backs, possibly because of the anatomy.  When a baby is in the back sleeping position, the trachea lies on top of the esophagus.  Anything regurgitated or refluxed from the esophagus must work against gravity to be aspirated into the trachea.  When a baby is in the stomach sleeping position, anything regurgitated or refluxed will pool at the opening of the trachea, making it easier for the baby to aspirate or choke.
Coalition Updates
Board Membership
Please contact Heather Hollingsworth if you have someone interested in becoming a Board Director.  We are currently looking for representation from the advocacy and consumer fields.
Hernando County Healthy Start
On behalf of the Coalition, we'd like to welcome Kids Central, Inc., as the new provider of Healthy Start services in Hernando County, Florida effective October 1, 2016.  Kids Central, Inc., currently provides Healthy Start services in Alachua and Lake counties making them experienced and knowledgeable of the Healthy Start program.  Their new office is located at 20148 Cortez Blvd., in Brooksville, Florida and they can be reached by phone at 352-848-3977.  Dina Martinez will be the new Healthy Start Supervisor for Hernando County and several interviews for Care Coordinators and a Family Support Worker have been scheduled.  We are excited to see that the program is already up and running to serve our women and babies in the Hernando County area.

National 2016 Child Passenger Safety Week Events
In honor of the 2016 National Child Passenger Safety week, 2 free car seat checks were done in our Central Healthy Start Coalition service area.

Citrus County car seat check was held at Maus Nissan of Crystal River on Saturday, September 24th from 9:00 AM until 12:00 PM.

Lake County car seat checks were done the week of September 19th through the 23rd by appointment at the Lake County Healthy Start office.
Welcome Esmeralda and Ingrid
On behalf of the Coalition, I'd like to welcome our newest Board Directors, Esmeralda Batiz from Community Health Centers and Ingrid Ellis from the Early Learning Coalition of the Nature Coast.  We are excited to have you both on board and look forward to collaborating with you on how to help pregnant women, children and families within our communities!

Thank you Congressman, Daniel Webster

On behalf of the Central Healthy Start Coalition, I'd like to sincerely thank Congressman Daniel Webster for his support of the Young Families Health Initiatives Lake County Baby Fair through his generous donation of 2 gift cards for the event.  We appreciate Congressman Webster's help in meeting needs for our pregnant moms and babies in the Lake County community.

Back in August, Congressman Daniel Webster made a visit to the Lake County Healthy Start program office to learn more about the Healthy Start program and how we are helping mothers and babies in the Lake County area.  It was a pleasure to share more about our program with the Congressman and see his interest in how we are serving this important population in the community.  We can't express our appreciation enough to our local elected officials when they come to truly learn about our amazing program!


The Healthy Start Team

Past President
Lesha Buchbinder
Early Learning Coalition of Lake County
Joelle Aboytes
Department of Children and Families - Circuit 5
Vice President
Terri Mathis
LifeStream Behavioral Health Center
Maria Granado
Lake County Community Health Worker Program
Dana Selfridge
Healthy Families Pasco-Hernando

Esmeralda Batiz
Community Health Centers

Jaclyn Citarella
Mid Florida Community Services

Dee Dixon
Healthy Families Citrus County

Ingrid Ellis
Early Learning Coalition of the Nature Coast

Phil Scarpelli
Department of Children and Families - State of Florida
Coalition Staff


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Coalition Screening Rates  
Lake County Baby Fair Recap
SIDS Awareness Month
Coalition Updates
The Healthy Start Team
From the Director

Several important things have happened during the first quarter of the contract year. 
First, Hernando County Healthy Start services will now be provided by Kids Central, Inc.  I'm happy to report they already secured an office location in Brooksville as well as have hired the Supervisor for the program.  They are well on their way and I'm confident will do a great job of serving the families of Hernando County.
Second, we elected two new Board Directors at the September Board meeting.  Esmeralda Batiz from Community Health Centers and Ingrid Ellis from the Early Learning Coalition of the Nature Coast.  We are so excited to have you both on board and look forward to working with you.
It's been a fast and great first quarter!  We are looking forward to a great rest of the contract year!
Julie Moderie, MPH
Program Director
Executive Committee
Thursday, November 3,2016
@ 1:00 PM
Kids Central, Inc.*
Service Provider Advisory Council
Thursday, Dec 1, 2016
@ 12:00 PM
Kids Central, Inc.*
Board of Directors Thursday, Dec 1, 2016
@ 1:00 PM
Kids Central, Inc.*
*Please note that our meeting location has changed.  We will now be meeting in the new Kids Central, Inc. building located at 901 Industrial Drive, Suite 200 in Wildwood, Florida.  We have outgrown the space at Langley Health Services and needed something larger to accommodate our growing Coalition membership.



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