It’s Not Too Late – Commuter Challenge
During May, commuters can log their trips to and from work via carpool, bus, vanpool, biking, or walking for chances to win prizes during weekly drawings. You can also see how much money you’re saving and how much air pollution you’re reducing by not driving alone. For more info and to log your commutes, visit the Commuter Challenge website.
My Freedom – Travel Vouchers Now Available for those with Disabilities
It's now easier for people with disabilities, of any age, to cross county borders to get to jobs, medical appointments and more due to a new program called My Freedom. People qualify if they have difficulty accessing regular public transportation due to a disability such as visual impairment or developmental delay, if they require assistive devices for mobility, or if they are undergoing chemotherapy, kidney dialysis, or physical or occupational therapy. Visit the website for more information. 
Bus to the Future Series (City Lab)
This month on Twitter and Facebook we are featuring Bus to the Future, a series of articles by City Lab on the pros and cons of bus transit in the U.S. and beyond.
IndyGo Receives Full Federal Funding for Red Line Construction
On May 14, the Federal Transit Administration signed the final paperwork to award IndyGo $75 million for construction of the Red BRT Line. Construction will begin within 45 days. Keep up with the project at
Learn about the Blue BRT Line 
IndyGo is hosting a series of casual 'Transit Talks' where people can discuss the Blue Line project and ask questions about how it will impact the community. Additionally, IndyGo will feature information about the entire Marion County Transit Plan.

There will be no official presentation, so just join as your schedule allows!
Indiana’s Rural Transit Providers
The Indiana Department of Transportation runs a long-standing federal program to provide public transportation in non-urbanized areas through grants to county-wide service providers. These “rural transit providers” provide services in the nine Central Indiana counties. Usually the services are “on-demand,” that is customers make reservations at least 24 hours in advance and receive door-to-door service. In the next few newsletters we’ll highlight the Central Indiana providers bringing transit today where no fixed routes exist.