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Central loading system for up to 8 molding machines, ideal for small molding cells and blenders

April, 2017

This month's feature:  Central Loading Systems

Integrated pump filter and  controls for easy installation

Easy filter access

DS material receivers

In line station valves

To load 6 injection molding  machines with 
press mounted drying hoppers at  with a maximum conveying distance of 120'  horizontal and 20'  vertical.

Each machine has a rate of 40 #/hr.  System needs to be capable of expanding to 8
total machines for future growth.
Virgin, Ultramid, Nylon 6/6 .   

DP-508 Central Loading System which  includes a 5 HP pump, Integrated filter with blow
back and a 8 station control panel for easy  installation with one power and air connection.  The 7" Dri-Control color touch screen allows for  easy setting of load, purge, cleanout and alarm  times. Quiet operation, small footprint and  competitively priced.
Charlie Sears, President & CEO of Dri-Air
Charlie Sears Presents at Molding 2017: Five Reasons to Buy a New Dryer 

We recently worked with one of our customers to determine the best dryer design for his process but for some reason he did not follow through.  A year later at the NPE Show we showed him the same dryer in our booth that we had proposed.  His comment was, "Are you telling me that if I had purchased this dryer a year ago it would have paid for itself by now?   Our reply was, 'Yes, and if you purchase it now it will be paid for in another year.'  To help you to think through your drying needs, I have put together five reasons that processors put off buying new dryers, to help you see your way to improving the bottom line.  Read more here.

Molding 2017, April 4-6 in Charlotte NC