CMCBD Safety Summit Shared Lifesaving Information

The annual Safety Summit at A.C.T.'s Strand Theater on January 30 was headlined by Sergeant Jason Garden of the San Francisco Police Department's Tactical Unit, who provided essential instructions for an active shooter scenario to a crowd largely made up of property owners and facilities managers.. The active shooter training was followed by a "Stop the Bleed" presentation by Sue Peterson and Dr. Andre Campbell of Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center, and the event wrapped up with a Q&A session.  Community organizations such as A.L.E.R.T.  and   SF72.org provided additional resources on emergency preparedness at informational tables in the lobby; Central Market CBD and Civic Center Community Benefit District (CCCBD) Ambassadors 

The event wouldn't have been possible without the support of spo nsors: the  San Francisco District Attorney's Office Neighborhood Justice Fund and  Applied Video Solutions. Check out photos from the event here

Attendees visit the information tables before the main-stage event

Sergeant Jason Garden, Sue Peterson and Doctor Andre Campbell answer questions during the Q&A

Community Guide Ambassadors from
Central Market and Civic Center
Sponsor AVS shares information on the latest technology in video surveillance 

Foodie Paradise: Lots of new places to eat in the neighborhood

The start of 2018 brought many great new brunch, lunch and dinner spots to the District!

Among the first to open in the new year was the highly anticipated Kaya Jamaican restaurant helmed by chef Nigel Jones and backed by the ever-successful Daniel Patterson group.

Another new spot featuring cuisine from outside North America is the second location of Raavi featuring Indian dishes such as "lamb and chicken curries, biryani, veggie dishes, seafood and more."

Continuing the journey around the world, Anonymous Asian SF opened in early 2018 as well, serving Vietnamese, Japanese and Indian fare.

Moving onto sandwiches, The Board from the owner of The Deli Board, opened in February and features a rotation of meaty sandwiches. 

And for those who love grilled cheese, The Grilled Cheese Guy opened a brick-and-mortar location of his food cart on Stevenson between 6th and 7th.

If you're looking for a new Happy Hour spot, check out the Rumpus Room which features affordable drinks in an art deco-inspired space. 

And that's not all: a new restaurant, Birdsong, is slated to open in the former AQ space later this year.

Better Market Street Meetings

Better Market Street hosted two public meetings in March on the latest designs, including changes to Muni service, vehicle circulation and bicycle safety. The presentations from the meetings and accompanying survey are available here. Construction is slated to begin in 2020. 

The "Quiet Renaissance" of 6th Street

A recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle draws attention to positive developments along 6th Street between Market and Howard. It notes the recent additions of "a new cafe and art gallery, a new bar, a Jewish bakery, a grilled-cheese shop, a milk-tea spot, and a wig store," along with forthcoming tenants: skateboard magazine Thrasher, the Create Skate shop and three new restaurants. We're excited for the future of 6th Street, a spot in the City that's always had a lot heart and soul.  READ MORE

Sam's Diner Dedicates Table to the Late Mayor Ed Lee

Table five at Sam's Diner on Market Street is where Mayor Ed Lee would sit and order   the Mahalo Loco Moco; it now holds the distinction of being dedicated in his honor. Frequenting the restaurant with his staff since 2012, it was the food as much as the  dedication of   owner Jeannie Kim to the Central Market neighborhood that brought him to the table.

His former staff marked the occasion by also declaring the day "Sam's Diner Day" and sharing  orders of  Mahalo Loco Moco. READ MORE

The Largest Whole Foods in San Francisco is Slated to Open in 2021

A fresh-food desert no more -- both Central Market and the Tenderloin neighborhoods have needed more grocery options, and that is what they'll get with the opening of a 55,000-square-foot Whole Foods at the corner of Market and 8th Street in 2021 at Trinity Place. The opening will also bring an abundance of jobs -- an average Whole Foods employs over 100 staff members, and is open 7 days a week from early in the morning to 10 p.m. The late Angelo Sangiacomo's daughter notes in the article: "Years ago, when we were planning Trinity Place, my dad liked to marvel at the great convenience of taking an elevator from your apartment to buy a carton of milk." READ MORE

6x6 San Francisco Looks to Move from Retail Space to Offices

The 350,000-foot retail space knwon as 6x6 San Francisco has sat empty since its competion last year. The owners note a change in retail shopping behaviors for the vacancies, and went in front of the Planning Commission in March with plans to convert part of the building into office space -- the plans were approved with conditions.  READ MORE

Developers Say Costs are in the way of Construction on New Building 068 

AGI Avant's 299-unit apartment building located at 1270 Mission St., is slow going due to the rising rates associated with construction . READ MORE

Stage 1075 Residents Move-In

The 90 condos at Stage 1075 are quickly becoming occupied. New residents moved in as early as February. Do treat yourself to a peek inside the lobby for a beautiful nod to the original tenant Grauman's Imperial Theater. 

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Community Guide Ambassadors 
Community Guide Ambassadors come to the aide of those suffering from medical emergencies in Central Market's public spaces. Working alongside SFPD, they are often the first ones on the scene and can alert the appropriate City agencies of the emergency, while staying on the scene until the crisis is over. 

New York Times Editorial Board Favors Safe Injection Sites

Citing San Francisco, among other U.S. cities, the NYT Board notes that drug-use in public endangers the users and litters the streets with needles. Studies referenced show safe-injection sites: decrease the number of overdose fatalities, increase the number of users who accept drug-program treatment and reduce drug refuse in public spaces.

Clean Team
Before and After: The Clean Team  quickly removes trash, discarded items, food waste and more from District sidewalks and then promptly cleans and disinfects the public space.


CMCBD Celebrates  Market Street Association

Executive Director of the Market Street Association Carolyn Diamond  poses with Jim Flood and Ben Horne  at the Market Street Association celebration 
March 22, 2018.
CMCBD staff with  Department of Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru 
at the Market Street Association wrap party.

Thank you so much to EVERYONE who worked long and hard 
to restore Russ Street to a proper thoroughfare.

This area is now cleaner, safer, and more welcoming and useful for all.


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