ACHE Central Texas Chapter Newsletter - Q3 2015
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2 015 Calendar
Lean for Healthcare
October 5-8, 2015  
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Commons Learning Center
10100 Burnet Road
Austin, Texas  78758

Fisher House Hero & Remembrance Run, Walk or Roll
Join ACHE members in community philanthropy to honor fallen soldiers by placing their boots prior to the run on  Friday, Oct. 30th and transferring the items to Sadowski field on Saturday, Oct. 31st.
October 30-31, 2015
7:30 AM
III Corps HQ's
Sadowski Field, Ft. Hood

2015 ACHE Fall Collaborative
Friday, November 13th, 2015
 1:00 - 4:30 PM
McCoy's Business Building
San Marcos, TX 78666

2015 Central Texas
Board of Directors

Michael Nowicki, EdD,

Amanda Frye, MHA

Eric Weaver, MHA, FACHE
President Elect

David Perez, MBA

Beth Booher, MHA, FACHE
Director of Membership

Maria Serafine, MHA
Director of Program Development

Richard Sanchez, MHA
Director of Communications
Jeff Blackwell, FACHE, MAJ, MS
Director of Local Program Council



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Please extend a very warm welcome 
to our new members:  
Tiffany Carroll, Manor
Kimberly B. Denney, Leander
Jeffrey M. Franklin, Georgetown
  Reta Hunt, Tow
Sheree Thomas, Temple

  Coy Bell, Arlington
 Antonio Gamboa, MD, Austin
James R. Howard, Leander
Robbie Kennebrew, Austin
Shirley Robinson, Austin
Chantell D. Scott, Austin
Courtney A. Stebbins, Austin
Tracy Wolfe, Austin

Jacquelyn M. Barnes, Austin
Kathleen Berkley, Austin
Carol N. Lindsey, Austin
Hoshem Massoodi, Austin
CPT Luis M. Rolle, Miami
LCDR Michael W. Schappaugh, Bastrop
Re-certified  Fellows: 
Carlos A. Rivera, FACHE, Austin
Carlyle L. Walton, FACHE, Killeen

M. Scott Alarcon, FACHE, Georgetown

Timothy D. Reese, RN, FACHE, Belton   
Members who recently passed
the Board of Governors Exam
Zachary K. Dietze, Harker Heights

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Message from Your ACHE Regent
Summer 2015
Michael Nowicki, EdD, FACHE, FHFMA

As always, as summer winds down our thoughts turn to education and I wanted to use this Regent's message to give you an update on an initiative with the Texas Hospital Association.Texas Regents John G. Allen, Jessie Tucker, and I met recently with Stacy Cantu, CAE, President/CEO of the Texas Hospital Association Foundation, and Shirley Robinson, CAE, Vice President of Education and Governance Programs for the Foundation, to discuss an initiative started by past-Regent Gary Meyn and Gene Deutscher who also attended the meeting. The initiative, still at the discussion stage, involves Texas ACHE chapters offering face-to-face panel discussions at selected THA meetings around the state.  National ACHE allows each ACHE chapter to offer no more than 12 hours of face-to-face continuing education Click here to read more.
President's Letter
Amanda Frye, MHA
Greetings Central Texas ACHE members! I am honored to have been elected as your new chapter President and look forward to serving you all as we continue the great progress made over the last several years with our chapter.
Please take a moment to learn about all of our new board members and committee leads. This slate was elected during our chapter business meeting held after the successful program with Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) at Seton Family of Hospital's Administrative Offices on August 27. We are excited to have some new faces among both the board and committees! I know that each of us welcomes any volunteers from our membership so please do not hesitate to reach out to any of them directly if you are interested in becoming more involved.  Continue reading for more updates....
Local Program Council
Beth Booher, MHA

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their support of our Local Program Council over the last 3 years. We hosted our Formative meeting in May 2012 and started with an annual budget of $2500 in Oct of that same year. Since that time we have hosted 4 Social Networking Sessions and 4 Educational Events for a total of 6.0 CEUs in Temple, Killeen, and Waco. I am grateful to all of the Board Members and Chapter member volunteers who have helped with these events during my time with the LPC. I am happy to turn over the leadership duties to MAJ Jeff Blackwell, FACHE, who is currently serving as the Chief of the Business Operations Division at Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center on Fort Hood. As a Medical Service Corps Officer, Jeff has successfully completed multiple healthcare leadership assignments in the private sector and military. He is eager to continue the growth of our Local Program Council and provide local networking and educational activities for our members. As always, if you are a Chapter member in this Northern region and you would like to volunteer your services for future networking or educational events, please feel free to contact him at: I will continue to assist Jeff in my new role as Membership Chair. I look forward to seeing many of your at our next event.
Thanks again,
Beth A. Booher
Technology Innovation
Changing the Face of Healthcare Delivery
On Thursday, August 27th, the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) and the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) hosted their 2015 Summer Institute. Motivated by the need to deliver higher quality care at a lower cost, a panel discussion featuring Dr. Andrew Masica, Chief of Clinical Effectiveness, Baylor, Scott & White, Mike Millard, Executive Director of Innovation and Commercialization, Seton Healthcare Family and Dr. Bill Rice, Senior Vice President of Clinical Innovation, was moderated by Dr. Roy Smythe, Chief Medical Officer, AVIA.

Kicking off the discussion, Dr. Smythe asked the panelists to define innovation relative to the pursuits within their organizations. According to Dr. Masica, population health, care coordination, team and individual chronic disease management represent the initiatives that they are currently working on. In lieu of a clinical context, Mike Millard's responded that the Seton Family of Healthcare intent was to deliver a value proposition for the patient by significantly improving patient access and navigation. Lastly, Dr. Rice stated that St. David's remains focused on the innovative blood, antibody stewardship, quality and safety programs that are core tenets for ...  Click Here to read more.

Marketing and Money:
Linking New Products, Services & ROI 
On Thursday, August 27th, the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) and the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) hosted their 2015 Summer Institute. With the intent of employing cost-effective marketing in the face of declining reimbursement, a panel discussion featuring Amanda Frye, VP, Marketing, Physician & Provider Relations, St. David's HealthCare and Sarah Mackey, Regional Marketing Director, Baylor, Scott & White was moderated by Thomas Harvey, CFO, Forest Park Medical Center.

With a special focus on bridging marketing and finance services, Thomas inquired how the two departments could work more closely. Amanda responded that optimizing budgets, reviewing metrics and outcomes as part of the strategic planning process offers opportunities to align forces. While Sara agreed ....Click here to read more.
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  • An innovative career planning framework to guide your thinking about career success in healthcare today and in the future and help you build a solid career plan 
  • A process to help you make the connection between clarifying goals, identifying the competencies required for success, assessing the level of progress toward developing needed skill sets, and determining programs, products and services that align with your leadership development efforts
CareerEDGE is an easy-to-navigate, one-stop source for the full array of resources needed for a strategic approach to career management at any career level.

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Articles of Interest

Communicating Change

Change is frequent within an organization. Whenever something is looming on the horizon, employees will look to you for information and answers. Whether this is layoffs, leadership change or simply rumors, you need to be prepared to foster an honest dialogue and share as much information as possible with employees.
Share What You Know
Even if you're not completely sure of the exact steps that will be taken, explain what the final process is supposed to look like and what it might mean for them. Let's say the topic is salary increases. Noting that management is looking over the options in front of them, but that decisions won't be made until next year will give workers a stronger sense of relief. It may not provide much insight into the final outcome, but employees will feel better having some idea of what's going on.
Listen for Concerns
Pay attention when you meet with employees to learn what worries they have. Setting up small group discussions with employees to discuss their concerns will help set in place a stronger peace of mind. Knowing their thoughts regarding the change can help you work to find out more information and allows you to share the details you think will quell their concerns.
Be Timely
Allowing employees to hear information through the grapevine rather than you is the biggest way to lose their trust and confidence-delaying bad news  does not make it better. During these times, make communication with your team a priority.
-Adapted from Communication Solutions July 2015 newsletter,

Checking in With Employees

Communicating and checking in on employees on a regular basis is important for a successful workflow. One-on-one meetings are a great way to consistently discuss duties, deadlines and questions and to keep in touch. The below will ensure the meetings are productive and necessary communication is shared in an effective manner.

Stick to a Specific Time
Consistency is key to beneficial communication. Connect with the employee regarding the day and time that would work best for both of you to meet on a weekly basis, and create meeting reminders for the discussion that extend far in advance. This ensures you will both be on the same page and that the meeting won't be easily forgotten. Additionally, don't cancel a check-in meeting at the last minute.
There are exceptions, but sticking to a schedule shows your employee you value their time and creates a pattern that is easy to adhere to.

Create a Safe Space
Although constructive criticism on projects and management of workload is helpful for success, being respectful in delivering this feedback is a must. Employees should not be punished for speaking their mind. Make sure to answer their questions with respect, and try sharing something they've excelled in that week while offering suggestions for improvement in other areas. Such a gesture can boost morale and build trust. Creating a trusting environment will strengthen the bond between you and your employee.

Value Honesty
When chatting with an employee, strive to answer his or her questions as honestly as possible. If you can't share something, explain why. And if you don't have an answer, admit it and try to find out after the meeting.
Coach Employees
Instead of telling employees what to do, collaborate with them to help them find their own solutions and answers. This will help build their own confidence and their trust in you. Help them develop their skills so they feel empowered and engaged instead of dependent on you for advice.
Ask for Feedback
One-on-one discussions should not solely be a question-and-answer sessions. Engage in a real dialogue and ask employees what they desire from you and how you can help to manage them in a stronger way. They'll welcome and appreciate the opportunity to give you their thoughts on your performance and other matters.
End on a Positive Note
At the end of each meeting, share at least one way in which the employee excelled that week. Thank the employee for his or her questions and the discussion itself, and express confidence in his or her abilities. Workers will feel better about meeting with you if you close on a high note. 
-Adapted from Communication Solutions May 2015 newsletter,

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