Wednesday, July 20, 2022
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from the Choirmaster’s desk…
Concerning the Austin pipe organ...
Michael Proscia Organ Builder & Company will be involved in a repair and upgrade of Central's Austin pipe organ that may last up to 5 weeks. The technicians completed their "extraction" on Thursday, July 14, and hopefully there will only be 4 more Sundays that we will be without the mighty Austin.

The most significant part of this process will involve removing the internal components of the organ console and replacing them with solid-state circuitry. We will not have use of the organ for a minimum of five Sundays. This process was to have begun in June, immediately after the June 11 wedding scheduled in the church. However, due to a number of reasons, work was postponed until last week.

On another note, but not entirely unrelated, we have been fortunate to have Dr. Steven Graff as our guest pianist and he will sub again on the 24th, while Brian Dailey is away on vacation.


Hello, My Friends,

GET YOUR FINEST GO-TO-MEETING CLOTHES READY...we are going to have a new pictorial directory for Central! Pictures will be made August 18th-20th. Everyone will receive a free 8x10 with no hard sales for additional purchases. More information is forthcoming BUT we do need volunteers to assist with the signing up of times.

Thank you,
Kathy Worley
July 24

Jack Williams (Church Street Entrance)
Carol Williams (Courtyard Entrance)

Nursery Workers
Jennifer Killian and Jan Richards

It Takes a Congregation!
My dear friends,
We at Central are among the 1/3 of the global population that has air conditioning – if it works! 
Please do not change the setting on any thermostat in any room. I thank you and the trustees thank you in the name of well-functioning HVAC and fiscal responsibility.

 Linda Bilanchone, Chair
Board of Trustees
Worship and Music
Sunday, July 24, 2022
7th Sunday after Pentecost
11:00 AM Worship Service
The Reverend Paige M. Wolfe, Preacher

Opening Hymn: Sweet Hour of Prayer (UMH496)
Gospel Lesson: Luke 11:1-13
Closing Hymn: Take My Life, and Let It Be (UMH399)

Join Central friends on Tuesdays at 5:30pm for a Bible story, playtime at the park, and popsicles. We will meet at the Cleveland Park Birthday Pavilion each week and become Bible detectives. All children are welcome! 
Adults, please plan to stay at the park with your child/children. Bring a picnic dinner if you like. Central will provide the popsicles. Next time we meet: July 26
I hope to see you there! - Paige
The youth are planning to go to Carowinds on July 27th! If you are interested in going, please contact Rev. Paige Wolfe either by phone (864) 582-7263 ext. 103 or email Paige before the 25th.


Our fundraising effort for the handicap access to the sanctuary and other important changes to our facilities is well underway. In the first half of July, there have been responses from about 25% of our members who received pledge cards and the total three-year pledges are enough to cover the first portion of the project.
Though the pledging period will not be completed until the end of August, we hope most of us can make a commitment sooner than that. The building committee has worked hard for several years, and the plan approved at the April church conference is an important step to the future of our church. Central has been an important part of the Spartanburg community for almost a century and a half and we are capable of developing new ways to serve and ensure a solid future.
Thanks to everyone who has committed to this campaign, and we pray that the support we have known for decades will continue. Your confidential pledge will be gratefully welcomed. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please contact a member of the building fundraising committee.
Bill Fitch

Monthly Financial Update
As of June 2022         

250,674.29 Tithes and Pledges
277,861.80 Expenses
-27,187.51 Difference

Prayer Concerns

L. H. Buff, Robby Crocker, Stacy Crump & family, Ann Darby, Danny Duncan, Martha Gribble, Charlotte Hall, Harry Johnson, Joan Johnson, Caroline Keaton, Sheila Lindsey, Joan McPherson, Dean Norman & family, Melissa Parris, Yvonne Pickering, Gayle Pryor, Mildred Ragan, Edith Rowell, Rosa Senn, Robbie Sholde, Dennis Simopoulos, Kyle Sloan & Family, Caroline Vizzuto, Jack Williams, John Williams, Ann Willard, Judy Workman, and Lee Wylie
July Birthdays
20 Charles Stavely
22 Aidan Atance
23 Lillie Henson
25 John Burtnett, Liz DiMarco, John Stelz
28 Ray McLees
29 Sam Knight
30 Wales Dixon, Stephanie Younger
31 Malcolm Turner

August Birthdays
2 Sarah Gonzalez, Les Howard
4 Ted Petoskey
6 Bob Morrison, Loral Stinson
7 Ann Darby
8 Corin Driggers
12 Larry Bilton
14 George Fields, Kathryn Johnston, Cam Treece
15 Auburn Haun, Suzanne Pryor, Jean D. Williams
August birthdays continued...

16 Mike Johnson
17 Marvin Cann, Andy Crosland
18 Gladys Hudgens, Maddison Wolfe
19 Anne Jeter
20 Betty Jackson, Trent Lancaster, Bertice Robinson
21 Susan Johnston
22 Pat Patterson
23 Amy Driggers, Heyward McPhail
25 Wells Booth, Dee Goforth
27 Elaine Crosland

Mission u - beginning July 21st -23rd
Spartanburg Methodist College

SCCUWF 2022 Mission u
Spartanburg Methodist College/Ellis Hall
July 21-23rd
"Who Can We Be Together?"

The Upper Room


24 Roger Williams, Executive Director of Spartanburg Area Mental Health
31 Patsy Whitney - St. Luke's Free Clinic

Upper Room Class
Sunday, July 17
Access Passcode: UpperRoom7.17
Altar Flowers
Please contact: Kathy Worley, Memorial Secretary, to place flowers on the calendar. August and September have openings.
Thank you! (864) 978-0294


To Marian Norman by Paul & Sue Lansberry, Janet Wilson
Palmetto Moravian Fellowship

The next worship service with the Moravians is scheduled for Sunday, August 7, at 9:00 AM in the Cannon Memorial Chapel - Central UMC.
Church Announcements for
Central Time or Sunday bulletin
If you have an announcement that you would like to appear in the Central Time, Sunday bulletins, on social media, or on the church's website, please submit that information to: before noon on Mondays. Thank you!
Ways to Give to Central

We continue to be deeply grateful for continued support of the mission and ministry of Central Church. There are a few ways to continue to make offerings extremely easy.

  1. The US mail always works. We are at 233 North Church St., Spartanburg, SC 29306.
  2. Contact the Financial Secretary to set up a recurring gift through an automatic bank draft.
  3. VANCO Mobile
  4. On the homepage on the church's website there is a "Give" link. Once you set up that app any additional gifts are as easy as one or two clicks.

Central United Methodist Church
Lucy Woodhouse
Director, Lifelong Learning at Wofford
864-274-2917 (main)
864-597-5304 (direct)
Summer Semester June 6-30

Fall Classes posted online:
August 1
Fall Registration begins online:
on August 10 at 10:00 a.m.
Fall term dates: September 12-November 4

Sacred Traditions And Rituals
Sunday, July 24, 6:00 PM

Tranquility with Tea Service
a service devoted to quieting minds, opening hearts, soothing souls

Reflection: We Only See What We Look At . . .
Introverts and Extroverts

Psychologist Carl Jung originated the terms "introvert" and "extrovert," which have come to mean little more than wallflower and life-of-the-party in our daily parlance. Jung, however, meant much more with the terms. An introvert is a person who naturally looks inward for meaning and is most comfortable in a shifting world of abstractions, patterns, feelings, and ideas. An extrovert is a person who naturally looks outward at a material world that can be weighed and measured, that is present, substantial, and unchanging. To the introvert, the outer world is a projection of the inner world; to the extrovert, the inner world simply reflects what is out there.

All of us fall somewhat on a continuum between completer introversion and complete extraversion, and our views about the world and the Spirit vary accordingly. Jung's theory then, provides us with a credible explanation of why we are drawn to different belief systems and rituals. Because we look at things differently, we see different truths and have different preferences.
Ultimately, this theory is a key to greater religious understanding and tolerance and so is worth serious consideration.


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