Curious. Caring. Classic.
Spartanburg's First Church
Founded 1837

Mission Statement:
"Our purpose is making and nurturing disciples of Jesus Christ."

We welcome everyone to join in worship online Sunday morning at 11:00 am
on the church's website or on Facebook.

One Call Now

Our bishop, Jonathan Holston, has asked that we not meet in person before June 14. I want us to meet for worship in Central Park at 11:15 AM on Sunday, June 14. I'm suggesting 11:15 AM because some of you will be watching The Upper Room Class on Zoom at 10:00 AM, and need more time to get here.

If COVID-19 data improves I would like for us to meet in the sanctuary at 11:00 AM on Sunday, July 5.
(This is subject to change!)

In next week's newsletter you will receive "The 10 New Commandments for Worship" to guide your return to worshipping together. Join us in our Wednesday Evening Prayer and Study Time at 6:30 this evening. (See the email you received yesterday for instructions and links for participating.) At the beginning we share announcements about the life of the church that all of you may want to hear.

Dr. John Simmons will begin stress reducing meditation sessions Sundays beginning May 24, in Central Park at 6:00 PM.

If you are a chairperson of a committee and want to set up a meeting on Zoom with your group, call Paige Wolfe at (864) 710-7363 or Click here for Paige's email The process is very easy!

I am asking all Committee Chairs to go to UMCSC website and click on "Reset, Restart, Renew, and read this document closely.

We continue to be grateful for our Paycheck Protection Program funds which we are spending on salaries and utilities. You continue to give faithfully each week, thank you! If you have any questions about what's going on at our church, do not hesitate to call Pastor Tom at (864) 384-2779!

Please be sure to read carefully the e-newsletter today as it mentions some ideas for re-opening the church.

No one in our church is in the hospital and to my knowledge no member has COVID-19.

Please pray for Bertice Robinson and family upon the loss of her brother, John Teague of Irmo, SC. Mr. Teague passed away on May 14 th.

Let us pray:
O God, use our anxiety and quiet time in a positive discernment process. Amen.

College Graduates
Caroline Berry
graduated from Clemson in December with a major in marketing and a minor in art.
Haiden Lancaster
graduated from Wofford and is starting at University of Tennessee in Knoxville in the fall to pursue a master's in social work.
Ashley Stewart
graduating from
Wofford and taking a gap year before applying to medical school.
Congratulations to all our graduates!
High School
Creighton Sparks graduating from Boiling Springs High School and will attend Wofford College in the fall.
Nicholas Rawlinson graduating from Spartanburg Day School and will be attending Wofford College in the fall.
Rylan Crocker
graduating from Dorman High School and continuing his career at Elite Customs.

Wales Dixon - graduating from Spartanburg High School and attending the University of South Carolina where he plans to major in International Business.
The Servant Leader
by Tom Norrell

Much of my message this week is found in the article "Latest One Call Now." Please read it closely, I have invited our church officers and staff to read "RESET, RESTART, RENEW" at our Annual Conference's website. We will soon have a socially distanced meeting in the Fellowship Hall and develop proposals for re-opening our church while guarding our health.

Happily, our staff is already implementing some of the suggestions in the "RESET, RESTART, RENEW" guidelines.

  • We are live-streaming our worship.
  • The Upper Room Sunday school class is meeting via Zoom.
  • Wednesday Night Prayer and Study Time is being led by the Pastor on Zoom.
  • We are practicing safe distancing in the church during limited office hours on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • The church facilities are sanitized regularly by our custodian, Mr. Geter.
  • With One-Call-Now and our weekly e-newsletter we are staying in contact with all or our members.
  • Telephone calling circles are providing emotional support for members.
  • Rev. Dr. Paul Wood, Chair of ECM is leading an effort to improve our live-streaming worship.
  • I will soon send out materials to the Visionary Task Force so we can begin discussing life after COVID-19.
  • We continue to offer the opportunity for online giving.
  • Rev. Paige Wolfe is preparing the sanctuary for us to return safely. (This includes roping off every other pew, removing hymnals, etc. and relocating offering receptacles.)

As you know flexibility and open communication are keys to our future success. Feel free to call or e-mail me anytime. The staff and I covet your input and your prayers!

Memorials - May 17, 2020
To Denny and Lewis P. Jones, and Drew Johnston by Susan Ashworth
June Birthdays
1   John Ropp
2   June Sereque
3   Dwane Broyles, Mildred Ragan
4   Carolyn Ellis
6   George Proctor
7   Michael Shoolbred
8   Chuck Clark
9  Merle Borden, Sue Perrin
10 Joy Knight, Allen Senn
14  Liz Frost Smith
16  Grier Diangikes, Andy Johnston
17 Sam Hanna, Cecil Lanford
19  Julie Ayers, Taylor Thompson
20  Nancy Monson, Susan Taylor
21  Joe Lesesne, Gail Schmunk
25  Mary Burgess Harrelson  
26  Nicholas Rawlinson
27  Hugh Pryor
28  Jason Nichols
29  Josephine Shoolbred
A scension Sunday
May 24, 2020
Call to Worship      
Opening Prayer    
*Hymn 571   Go, Make of All Disciples  
Psalter      Psalm 47  
First Lesson     Acts 1:1-11
Gospel Lesson    Luke 24:44-53
Special Music Alleluia, Sing to Jesus arr. Mark Hayes
Keith Jones, soloist   
Memorial Day Prayer 
Pastoral Prayer ; Lord’s Prayer    
Sermon What Are You Waiting For?  
Response to the Word   
Postlude   Brian Dailey, organist 
S.C. United Methodist Conference

Central Time May 20, 2020

Financial Statement available in hallway outside church office
YTD Gifts Received as of 04/30/2020  $160,652.00
*PPP Loan Monies Received  04/29/2020  $64,755.00
YTD Expenses as of 04/30/2020      $205,690.00
YTD Budget as of 04/30/2020        $211,619.00

* Paycheck Protection Program Loan was deposited on 4/29 
Dr. John Simmons will begin stress reducing meditation sessions Sundays beginning May 24, in Central Park at 6:00 PM.
"This has been a tough time emotionally for all of us. The "RESET, RESTART, RENEW" document below has a great emotional guide sheet to help us."
Tom Norrell, Pastor