Central Transit Terminal - Landmark
Adjacent to Fitzgerald Square stands one of Downtown's historic landmarks that is most heavily utilized by City residents - the Central Transit Terminal.
Central (as most people call it) is a large building sitting along Downtown’s Common Street near the edge of the Aurora district. The station serves all aspects of public transit and is the main hub for transport in the northern half of Titan City. It is the nexus for subway systems in the area, citywide bus service, and has bus connection to elevated rail located in other parts of the city such as the North Eastern Research District (NRD). People of all stripes can make their way to other districts in the city from here, but a large number of commuters take the connecting subway that runs from Downtown underneath the bay, to the south side of Titan City.
History of the Central Transit Terminal:

The Central Transit Terminal was built in 1963 as a replacement for a sparse train stop that existed at the site previously. The old "rail-stop," as people called it, had become totally inadequate for the bustling, urban area. Linked into the subway system as an afterthought, it was completely above ground, forcing the underground rails to sweep out of the earth to meet the stop. Coupled with surface railings, it was a poor use of the large tract of land, and was a confused mess of intersecting train lines. The Central station reclaimed a large section of land, and placed boarding for the subway back where it belonged, underground.
Central has seen several renovations over the last fifty years. Damaged during hurricane Atlas, the simple original structure was replaced with ultramodern, steel and glass architecture, such as the front facade of the building that towers over an open square with massive modernist arches. The open area in front of the building has seating for coffee for people waiting for their departures. In the building's interior, visitors move within the large airy, central space to their destinations, passing shops and restaurants arrayed along the sides, and on each of the two balconies overhead.
Central is very connected to the Fitzgerald Square neighborhood plan. The front side of Central is visible from Fitzgerald Square (pictured below). Looking from the statue of Mayor Fitzgerald through an open row of trees, you can see Central lined up with the square, creating the feeling of long boulevards in the area, accentuating the stylish old architecture.
While the front side of Central remains in sync with the style of the Fitzgerald Square neighborhood, the back side bus terminal was renovated in the 1980's to be more functional and the building style is less about the architecture.
Central stands at the intersection between the historically beautiful Fitzgerald Square, and old rail yards, port facilities and factories that have served as the manufacturing base of Downtown for many decades.
In 1985, congestion in the area compelled the city to revamp Central station once again. The ground-rail lines and loading platforms were replaced to accommodate the larger crowds. Little thought was give to comfort, and the platforms were designed with simple canopies overhead, of little use to passengers waiting for the train in a driving rain.
While Central is stylish, it is also a utilitarian, working-class hub of Titan City that will be an important spot for anyone wanting to get around town.