November 2019
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Central Vermont Council on Aging
A World Where Aging Is Honored

Thank You to all who attended CVCOA's Annual Meeting!
Thanks to Westview Meadows for the beautiful venue and to all our volunteers, board members, staff and legislators who shared in our success stories! Thanks to Dr. Lamantia and Senator Kitchel for information and inspiration!
Senator Jane Kitchel
Case Manager Supervisor, Wanda Craig
Inspiration from Board President,
Gary Chicoine

" The great elders I’ve met in my life reveal both a brightness and a sadness at the same time. They’re bright, they’re here, they’re clear, their eyes are open, they’re present. They mirror you, rather than asking you to mirror them. It’s like they’re listening and seeing at a deeper level. "--Richard Rohr's Daily Meditation, "Eldering"
Executive Director, Beth Stern

Dr. LaMantia, UVM Center on Aging
Executive Director, Montpelier Senior Activity Center, Janna Clar
Happy Thanksgiving !!
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As a hero to aging Central Vermonters, I hope you know the positive impact you have made to improve the lives of many of your older friends, neighbors, and family members who are such a vital part of Vermont communities. Most older Vermonters want to be able to stay in their homes and communities. They want to stay connected with the people, villages, downtowns, and the landscape they love. Our older friends and neighbors want to continue to contribute their considerable talents to make our world a richer place. This is our shared mission with you–to support Central Vermonters to age with dignity and choice. Together with you, we are delivering on our vision of A World Where Aging is Honored. We hope you will consider donating again this year to realize this vision.

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