Fundraising Phase 1 Complete                 Castellina Marittima, Tuscany                  December 29, 2018


Dear Friends:

I wish to offer my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have so generously contributed to helping us raise the funds for our Centre for Contemplative Research. We have now reached our fundraising goal for Phase 1 ! We now have the funds needed to purchase the Castellina Marittima property and the adjacent home.

Once permitting and the governmental approval process is complete, the acquisition of these two properties will be a great step forward to creating the centre itself and to realizing our dream of establishing a facility where highly trained contemplatives and scientists will collaborate to fathom the nature and potentials of the human mind. It is our aspiration to do all we can to catalyze a renaissance in contemplative inquiry and a revolution in the mind sciences, and your enthusiastic support is crucial to enabling us to realizing this dream. Thank you all!

During my brief audience with His Holiness on Nov. 30, I asked him to bless the Centre for Contemplative Research by giving it a Tibetan name. His Holiness conferred the name given by Śāntarakṣita, the founder of the first Buddhist monastery in Tibet in the 8th century, to a temple at Samye Ling that housed resident, full-time yogis: “Miyo Samten Ling ( མི་གཡོ་ བསམ་གཏན་གླིང་ )” meaning “Centre of Unwavering Dhyāna”.

Again, thank you for generously contributing to our successful Phase 1 fundraising campaign for the Centre for Contemplative Research. We will be updating everyone soon about the launch of Phase 2 fundraising to support the construction of the yogi cabins!

Best Wishes for the New Year!

Good News for the New Year

We have raised $1,239,000 required for Phase 1.

We will be sending announcements about Phase 2 in early 2019.
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