Zoom Video-Conferencing Comes to CapU 

As announced by Laureen Styles, VP Academic and Provost, Zoom has been added to CapU’s suite of educational technology tools for remote adapted learning. You will be able to access Zoom with your Capilano username and password from capu.ca/zoom.

Some of the features that Zoom offers include: 

To help you decide whether or not to adopt this software we are providing some resources that may be helpful: 

  1. Comparison sheet – this sheet compares Zoom, MS Teams and WebEx functionality, usage, etc..  Click here for the Comparison Sheet
  2. Learn how to use Zoom  Learning Zoom: this LinkedIn Learning course walks you through how to schedule and run Zoom meetings, how to share your screen, poll attendees and create and manage breakout rooms.  
  3. Learn how to use Zoom for Education – Zoom Meetings for Educators. This video shows you the steps and best practices from two points of view: student (downloading the app then joining and participating in the class), and teacher (scheduling, joining, hosting, and in-meeting tools) 
  4. Zoom offers free live and recorded training. You can access the recordings or sign up for a session here.  
  5. The Zoom How to Guide may be helpful if you have specific questions and/or need a reminder, e.g. “how do I do polling?”, “how do I use the whiteboard?”.   
  6. Upcoming CTE sessions on Intro to Zoom – August 20 & 26, 2020 2:00 pm - 2: 45 pm. Sign up now!

If you choose to use Zoom, please remember that your students are not likely to have used this platform before. Here’s some information that you may wish to include on your eLearn course page or send to your students as an Announcement via eLearn so they are ready for your course. 

What you will need for remote Learning

  • On your computer - Zoom can be accessed via a web browser or you can download the free Zoom app on your computer desktop (Mac or Windows).
  • You may wish to download the app before the first scheduled class and check you video and audio settings to ensure that you are able to join the first class without any issues.
  • Please note, there is limited functionality via the web browser. 
  • If you are accessing Zoom via a web browser, Zoom functions best on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Chromium Edge
  • On your mobile device – Zoom can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Please note: there is limited functionality via the Zoom app. 
  • Zoom has been paid for by the University so it is free for you to use. 
  • Log-in using your CapU log-in username and password.

How does Zoom Work?

You may wish to get familiar with Zoom before our class starts. We can offer several options:

How to access our classes in Zooms

  • Provide information on how students will join your class, e.g. you may provide a link on your eLearn page, you may send a meeting invite, etc.

“I’ve used both Zoom and MS Teams. I prefer Teams for my courses that include group projects because MS Teams provides a space for students to meet, collaborate and manage their project work. BUT, when it comes to meetings, Zoom is more intuitive, user-friendly and offers a seamless experience.” 
Noel Genoway 
Faculty, School of Business  
If you have any questions, please contact the CTE Zoom specialist, Barry Magrill or our Educational Technology Specialists at edtech@capilanou.ca 


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