Starting Wednesday, June 24 th , 2020, Central District Health is scaling back all of Ada County to Stage 3 of the    Idaho Rebounds .  The CDC has stated that there is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can spread directly to humans from water in pools, and proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection should kill the virus. However, potential risks for spreading COVID-19 at an outdoor community pool is possible when people are unable to maintain physical distancing and proper hygiene out of the pool.

Idaho Rebounds  has provided some protocols for reopening facilities, in concert with the Interim Guidance for  Safe Gatherings  and Public Events.  Stage 3 allows only 10 - 50 people to gather, Stage 4 allows over 50. There are some that say these standards conflict with each other. To error on the side of caution, and because the Association does not have a way to easily or equally limit occupants at the pool facilities, the Association opened in Stage 4. Now with reverting back to Stage 3, we are faced with the same challenges and question of closing.

We understand the wait to open the pools this year was frustrating, it's a desired amenity, and a welcomed piece of normalcy for many. With this in mind, the Association is going to keep the pools open,  BUT  with a caveat that they may be closed if we experience any issues regarding overcrowding, sickness, or users not following the rules. It will be up to users to make sure they are not exceeding the gathering limit of 50. Each user is responsible for themselves. It's most imperative that the Association express how important it is to stay home if feeling sick, cover coughs and sneezes, wear a face covering when not in the water, avoid touching your face, wash hands often, and maintain social distancing of 6ft.

With this setback, we will continue to keep all pool furniture stored in order to limit touched surfaces. Pool users are able to bring in their own chairs. The pools and restrooms are being cleaned daily, paying attention to high touched surfaces including the gates, and deck cleanings will continue each week. There will be no lost and found items kept on the decks. Items left behind will be disposed of the next day.

Please be sure you know and follow the Facility Rules, including all posted signs. A few reminders include: children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult, children in diapers must wear reusable swim diapers or plastic pants with the elasticized legs and waistband to keep fecal accidents from getting into the pool, please do not bring in scooters, bikes or skateboards, and avoid pushing, rough housing, and foul language. If we work together, we can all use the pools safely.


Ann Marie Baird, Association Manager / Brighton Corporation

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Hours: Monday - Thursday 8 am- 4:30 pm, Friday 8 am - Noon