2019 Reminders
We hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the New Year. In order to help start the community off on the right foot, we have a few reminders for everyone to take note of:
1) Please make sure holiday d├ęcor from December is removed by the end of January.
2) Garbage and recycle cans are such a simple thing to put away behind a fence or in the garage, please keep them out of view.
3) Garages are for the storage of automobiles. Please use the garage for parking first then the driveway, before ever using the street.
Disclosure of Fees
The Assessments have been sent for January. If you have not received an invoice, please reach out to our office. Due to recent legislation adoptions, the Association is require to provide a Disclosure of Fees for 2019 letting residents know what expenses may be charged at the time of a sale or transfer of ownership. You may view this Disclosure of Fees on the community website.

Stay Leashed
The City and Association both have rules that dogs should be leashed at all times when not on your own property. Too often we are getting reports about dogs off leash on the walkways or in the parks. We understand your furry companion may want to stretch their legs, but this should be done at a designated dog park or other off-leash areas, not in our community. We greatly appreciate everyone following the rules.
Spring Projects
As spring approaches you may be planning for exterior improvements, like adding fencing, a shed, or patio cover. Please be sure to get ACC approval before beginning any project. Requesting approval is easy. Fill out and return the ACC Form with a diagram or picture of your plans. The process takes about 1-2 weeks, so please plan accordingly.

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