Happy Thanksgiving!
While this year has been a roller coaster for everyone, we hope you get a moment to stop and enjoy your friends and family this Thanksgiving! 

Pet Etiquette
There has been a lot of discussion lately regarding pets, and cats in particular. Like dogs, cats should not be able to roam free. Please keep your cats on your own property, so they do not become a burden for one of your neighbors. For those trying to keep cats out of their gardens or planters or off their patio furniture, residents have reported success with the frequency devices that you plug in outside. Let's all be good neighbors. 

Sidewalks & Pathways
Motorized vehicles are not permitted on any of the community sidewalks or pathways! Please do not drive your ATV's, golf carts, or motor bikes in any of the common areas. These are for pedestrian use only, and violators should be reported to the police at 208-888-6678.


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