Happy Holidays
We hope you all have a wonderful holiday and New Year's with your friends and families!  Our office will be closed December 24-26th, and then December 31 and January 1 in celebration.
Disclosure of Fees
The Assessments have been sent for January. If you have not received an invoice, please reach out to our office. Due to recent legislation adoptions, the Association is require to provide a Disclosure of Fees for 2019 letting residents know what expenses may be charged at the time of a sale or transfer of ownership. You may view this Disclosure of Fees on the community website.

We have a community under construction, so trailers are going to be seen from time to time. We also understand residents are moving and getting situated. However, some trailers are starting to take up permanent residency at homes, and this is in violation to the CC&Rs. Please remove your trailers from view. We all thank you for helping us to maintain the community standards.
Parkway Strip Trees
The Developer has been notified that builders have installed trees in parkway strips where there are also storm water seepage beds. These seepage beds are important for the collection of storm water and can not be planted within. If your tree has been marked or you have been contacted by your builder or landscaper please work with them to remove or relocate the specified tree. 
Safety Tip
With the cold weather here, many of us regularly warm up our vehicles before heading out on our daily commute. If you're one of the many, please make sure that you open your garage before starting your vehilce. It seems simple, but is just one of those things that can quickly become tragic like in this article.

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