There are 40 houses that have signed up for the holiday decorating contest. A list of those houses will be sent out so neighbors can check out the displays. Please be courteous and do not touch their decorations. Judges will be by next week between October 26-28th in the evening. Winners will get a sign in their yard for bragging rights and gift card prizes. We encourage everyone to wear masks and social distance and take precautions when out viewing these displays or celebrating the holiday. 

Holiday Decorations
The community guidelines state holiday decorations can go up no earlier than 30 days prior to the holiday in which they are for and should be taken down within 30 days after. We understand when you are hiring someone to hang lights that you have to get in their schedule so if you do get lights prior to the 30 days, please keep them off and refrain from putting up other decorations like blow ups until we get closer to the holiday in which they were intended.

Pet Etiquette
Please be aware of your dog's barking and make sure to clean up after them on walks. These are little things but very important. It only takes a minute to pick up after them and barking is something that can be helped. There are high frequency devices that help stop barking, collars, and more. Talk to your vet about what is right for your pet. 

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