Food Truck Rally
Thank you all who made it to the Food Truck Rally! We had a lot of fun visiting with everyone!
Pool Closing
We expect to keep the pool open with the warm weather through September 15th. If warm weather persists, we may keep it open longer, and will update you as we get closer and watch the forecasts. With only a couple weeks left, please be sure you are monitoring your guests and children when using the facility and everyone is following the rules. They are posted onsite for everyone. This includes not blaring music, making sure to be out of the pool by 10pm, and being courteous to everyone by not being vulgar or obscene. We greatly appreciate your help in making sure everyone can enjoy the facility.

Fall Garage Sale
If you're looking to clean out some stuff or find some treasures, the community garage sale is set for September 14th. The Association will place an ad in the Idaho Statesman, and post a sign at the entrance. If you want to participate you're welcome to put out your items in your driveway for sale the day of the event. Please feel free to share on social media, and good luck!
Pet Etiquette
If you are a dog owner, please be sure to clean up after them and refrain from allowing them to bark all the time. If you live in an area with open metal fencing, and your pet barks at every person using the open space or paths, you may want to consider something to help them block out the excitement such as landscape screening, or ask your vet about collar or other bark controlling options.
Reminders for the Community
1) Kids have gone back to school, so be on the look out for them along the streets and paths. 
2) It's already starting to get dark earlier, please make sure your porch and garage lights are in working order.
3) Please use your garage first for parking then your driveway. The street should be only for temporary parking and guests. If you see a vehicle that hasn't moved over 72 hours on the street it can be reported to Meridian Code Enforcement at 208-846-7326.
4) Boats, campers, and trailers should be stored out of view at all times. They should only be out for temporary periods when in use or loading and unloading and should not exceed 24 hours.

Pools Close
September 16
Fall Garage Sale
September 14
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