Food Truck Rally
Mark your calendars for Thursday, August 15th, from 6-8pm for the community food truck rally. We'll have a variety of food trucks so folks can purchase dinner and hang out with neighbors. We'll also have a bounce house and free ice cream.
Pool Etiquette
Please do not let in people without keys. Last week some teens were let in without a key and they proceeded to act very inappropriately in the pool. Skinny dipping, rough housing, and gross displays of affection in front of others. If you have teens, please make sure they understand the rules. There are rules posted at both pools. Everyone who uses the facilities should know them. It's very important that everyone be courteous and follow the rules. We all greatly appreciate it!

Landscaping Reminders
With the hot weather upon us, please be sure you are maintaining your landscaping by watering on the even/odd schedule and mowing, fertilizing, and weeding regularly. If you're watering but your yard is yellow, it needs nutrients or fertilizer. If your yard is green but notice you are getting brown spots and haven't checked the water or sprinklers lately, it's probably time. We've also run into bill bug, so be sure to check for that if your brown spots are not water related. We all appreciate how beautiful the streetscapes are when everyone's yards are well maintained!
JULY 2019

Food Truck Rally
August 15
Pools Close
September 3
Fall Garage Sale
September 14
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