Ceramic Decoration on Canvas   

Italian artist, Amedeo Tremigliozzi  at Swiss Tower, JLT Dubai  



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Dubai, 24 August 2014 - Swiss Art Gate UAE is proud to present the artworks of Italian artist, Amedeo Tremigliozzi in Swiss Tower JLT Dubai, curated by Kurt Blum, general manager of Swiss Art Gate UAE. The exhibition "Ceramic decoration on canvas" runs until 26 October and is open to the public daily from 9 am to 7 pm. On display are thirteen acrylic artworks of the Italian artist, Amedeo Tremigliozzi, who is a ceramist at the same time.


Amedeo Amedeo Tremigliozzi was born in 1973 in Benevento. He began his studies at the School of Art Benevento, which soon led him to seek forms and colors, increasingly intense. After graduating in 1993, he decided to expand the old pictorial studies and continue his learning process he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. The passion for decoration attached to forms and ideas led him to attend a course organized by potters Valisannio.


His artistic career began with painting on ceramics, in 2000, in his studio called "Axis Mundi", which he constantly sought ways and decorations, preparing traditional Italian pottery on adapting an evolutionary process in modern key, and then devoted himself to painting on canvas ranging from classic to contemporary experiences.

The desire to continue along this path, with classic decorations of ceramics in a contemporary context, through the direct study, intuitive screens considerable dimensions in the study of light and becoming stronger colors, the artist managed to create an own style "ceramic decoration on canvas," which condenses with extraordinary intensity, emotions and feelings alive, requested a fanciful imagination.

The nature, spectacular shapes and colors that show the fields and meadows, the irresistibly attract involving your mood, creativity, offering wonderful inspirations. The passion for decoration attached to these forms and ideas ceramic led him to mix these two elements, elaborating on a well orchestrated contemporary pictorial contest with lots of light.

Amedeo Tremigliozzi said:"I am always challenged by doing work on canvas, because the work on ceramic is 3-dimensional and the one on canvas is a flat cotton screen only. In the meantime my brain is switching between a 3-dimensionial and a 2-dimensional thinking."


The art exhibitions at Swiss Tower JLT aim to make art accessible to everyone who walks into a public place, as well as to showcase the work of local Emirati, expat and international artists. The art exhibitions are a series, initiated and organized by Swiss Art Gate UAE.  


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Exhibition information


The Art Exhibition "Ceramic Decoration on Canvas" runs until 26 October 2014 at Swiss Tower JLT Dubai. The exhibition is open for the public from 9 am to 7 pm daily.  


For more information please view the website of  or contact Mr. Kurt Blum, +971 50 225 1783.


    Amedeo Tremigliozzi Ceramic on Canvas Amedeo Tremigliozzi 

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