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Certification of Consistency Filed

The following certification of consistency with the Delta Plan for a covered action has been submitted to the Delta Stewardship Council:

Certification Number: C20223

Covered Action Title: North Delta Fish Conservation Bank

Certifying Agency: Reclamation District 2093

Certification Date: 05/13/2022

The certification of consistency and associated documents are available for public viewing on the Council's online portal, alongside information on the Delta Reform Act and the Delta Plan covered actions process.

Notes Regarding Appeals

(1) Any person who claims that this covered action is inconsistent with the Delta Plan and, as a result of that inconsistency, that action will have a significant adverse impact on the achievement of one or both of the coequal goals of the Delta Reform Act (Water Code § 85054) or implementation of government-sponsored flood control programs to reduce risks to people and property in the Delta, may file an appeal with regard to this certification of consistency no later than 30 calendar days after the date of submittal of the certification of consistency.

(2) If you anticipate filing an appeal, please review the Council’s Administrative Procedures Governing Appeals document. Do not submit duplicates of documents submitted by the certifying agency.


The Council was created to align Delta decision-making with science. In the face of climate change, this connection is more important than ever. Management of the Delta involves numerous stakeholders and competing interests. Progress requires bringing the right people together to implement timely, science-based solutions.

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A resilient statewide water supply and ecosystem necessitate collective implementation of the Delta Plan. The Delta Plan creates a common vision for taking-on current and predicted challenges and includes regulations, non-regulatory recommendations, and performance measures to further water supply reliability, ecosystem resiliency, and the unique values of the Delta as a place.

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The Delta Reform Act of 2009 established a certification process for demonstrating consistency with the Delta Plan. Before a State or local public agency implements certain projects in the Delta, they are required by California law to certify that the project is consistent with Delta Plan regulations. These projects are known as covered actions.

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