Become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

What a year we just went through! Laughter is needed now more than ever. Spread the Laughter and health benefits of Laughter with your Family and Friends, your Community and your own Life!

February 20-21, 2021
9AM-5PM each day, via Zoom with plenty of breaks!
Training by Carole Holcomb, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher (CLYT)
Laughter Yoga was created in 1995 by Dr. Madan Kataria, a medical doctor in India. He was interested in researching the benefits laughing has on our bodies and Laughter Yoga began! Laughter Yoga is now practiced in well over 100 countries.
Who should attend? Anyone who wants to bring more Laughter to their Community:
  • Workplace—studies have shown Laughter Yoga can ease stress, increase productivity
  • Health care—Laughter Yoga is practiced in many hospitals for a variety of patients: cancer, Parkinson’s, heart to name a few
  • Police, fire departments—Laughter Yoga is practiced by First Responders throughout the World
  • Seniors—helps to ease pain, depression
  • Teachers—studies show Laughter Yoga can increase teacher/student rapport and productivity
  • Therapists—Laughter Yoga elevates moods by releasing feel-good endorphins
  • Or just because you want more Laughter in Your life
During the two day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Workshop you will learn:
  • How to lead a Laughter Yoga session
  • More about the health benefits
  • Breathing and relaxation meditations
  • How to combine Laughter Yoga and meditation
  • Many Laughter Yoga exercises
  • To Create your own Laughter Yoga exercises
  • Solo Laughter
  • Laughter by Zoom, etc.
  • Laughter Yoga exercises for specific Communities
  • How to market Laughter Yoga to your Community
Once registered you will receive:
  • Laughter Yoga Training Manual
  • Dr. Madan Kataria’s e-book, Laugh For No Reason
  • Resources and information to help you be a successful Laughter Yoga Leader
And, on completion of the workshop, your Laughter Yoga Leader Certification!
Plus, on-going contact as needed, to answer your questions and to help you be successful as a Laughter Yoga Leader.
  • Giggler Blaster--$300.00, Includes Leader Certification, Access to free training materials, resources and the Laughter Yoga Community.

Laughter Yoga Community: Conferences, additional workshops to increase your knowledge, expertise and professionalism. Connection to Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers all over the World.
Payment is through PayPal. If you have a group interested in becoming Certified laughter Yoga Leaders, ask about scheduling a special date.

Questions? Email Carole.