We asked some of our associates for some tips and skills needed to get the job done and here's what they had to say:

"Compassion and critical thinking play a huge role in what we have to do on what may be someone's worst day of their life. We can go from having absolutely no care in the world to making life or death decisions about a complete stranger. We must remember that everybody is somebodies’ family." - Chris Sholley, Paramedic

"To anyone considering a certification in EMS, my advice is, “Go for it!” The skills and experience involved in the certification are worthwhile, even if you only work clinically for a short time. Do not hesitate due to lack of knowledge; the training will prepare you. If you stay humble and avoid complacency, you will make an excellent first responder." - James Fischer, Paramedic

"I would say that the most important qualities in somebody looking to become a paramedic or EMT is that they must have a genuine desire to help others. The day-to-day job is not always as glamorous as television makes it out to be, but at the end of the day the members of our community count on us." - Steve Narkin, Paramedic 

"You need to be able to keep your composure in bad situations. EMTs & paramedics go into some really bad life & death situations sometimes. If you had been in a really scary situation and weren't able to think straight or keep your composure, EMS is not for you. And that's OK because EMS isn't for everyone." - Ezekial M. Waymer, NREMT

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