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Issue No. 19 December 19, 2012


In this time of holiday giving, many of us reflect on what we have been given and what we wish to give others who have blessed our lives.

At CfHP, we have chosen to honor those companies that put "Purpose Before Profits" in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Our first place winner is Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, nominated by Peg Butler. Below you’ll find the story of Lenox Hill's heroic response in the aftermath of the massive storm.

Thank you to Peg and to all those who submitted nominations. In honor of the winners, runners-up, and our CfHP friends, clients and family, we have made a generous contribution to the American Red Cross to assist survivors of the storm.

Please also take a look at the video of a talk by Dan Pink, who states that people are "purpose maximizers." And when companies put profit ahead of purpose, "bad stuff happens." Marketing expert Dr. Rajendra S. Sisodia reinforces this sentiment when he states that mission-led businesses outperform the market by an astounding 9:1 ratio.

We hope you are inspired this season to give not only to those you love, but also to those in need.

Wishing you and your family a most joyous holiday season,

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Purpose over Profits Honorable Mentions

In the Purpose over Profits awards, three companies deserve honorable mention for their efforts on behalf of those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Thank you to Ed Miller, Susan Silk and Andrea Santos for submitting these nominations.

Anheuser-Busch packaged and distributed more than one million cans of emergency drinking water to residents of New York and New Jersey as Sandy was knocking out water supplies, along with power and transportation. The motto on the cans said it all: "Our Neighborhoods. Our Responsibility."

Lowe's pledged to donate $1 million to disaster relief and rebuilding efforts in communities affected by Sandy.

Tupperware contributed $500,000 worth of products to the Red Cross and made grants up to $1,000 to its employees who were severely affected by the storm.

Lenox Hill Hospital Puts Purpose before Profits in Sandy’s Wake

On Oct. 30, as Hurricane Sandy was knocking out power in parts of New York City, the emergency generators at Langone Medical Center (NYU) in downtown Manhattan failed. Eighty-six patients were transferred to Lenox Hill Hospital, located uptown. Between 3 and 6 a.m., new patients were arriving every three to four minutes.

Lenox Hill was up to the task. Staff members had begun making preparations and running emergency drills a week before. That morning, they checked the television in the emergency room lobby to get an idea of who was coming in. Triage teams assessed patients as they arrived, assigned beds, ordered medications and assembled critical care teams as needed.

By late Tuesday morning, Lenox Hill Hospital was at full capacity, with nearly 100 patients evacuated from NYU and Staten Island University Hospital. Eight of them were babies, including a boy born just after midnight at NYU. Four babies were admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit.

"Both the emergency department and inpatient nurses jumped into action, doing whatever was needed to ensure safe, high-quality care for each patient," said Lenox Hill Nurse Executive Phyllis Yezzo.

Nurse Heather Stansbury was nine months pregnant. She was so busy handling admissions from NYU that she almost didn’t realize she had gone into labor herself. She walked down to the overcrowded labor and delivery floor and gave birth to a boy.

Nurse Heather Stansbury and her baby boy.

"Here I was so concerned about my staff and patients' well-being and in the end I wound up being a patient myself with my staff concerned about me," Stansbury said.

To serve patients from NYU, Lenox Hill granted privileges to hundreds of physicians, residents and nurses. By the end of November, NYU doctors saw approximately 700 patients at Lenox Hill, including 122 babies who were born there.

One labor and delivery nurse was informed that her family was being evacuated by boat while she was working triage in the emergency room.

"Our staff’s main focus was on their patients, even when a great many of our staff, in all departments, were experiencing personal and devastating effects of their own as a result of Sandy," said Dennis Connors, Lenox Hill deputy executive director.

Lenox Hill and its parent, North Shore-LIJ Health System, pledged more than $2 million raised at the hospital's Autumn Ball on Nov. 5 to relief for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Proceeds from the annual fundraiser usually go to underwrite the hospital’s capital projects. This year, however, the funds are being redirected to charities supporting residents severely affected by the storm.


Middle East Update from Andrew Lee in CfHP’s Dubai Office

As the Middle East prepares for a “post-oil” economy, growth in travel, tourism, healthcare and education is strong. CfHP is beginning a major project to help create a center for leadership development at one of the largest international education providers in the region.

We are working with an international pharmaceutical brand and a major healthcare provider to create a high-performance environment. After administering CfHP's 15-question High-Performance Quotient survey to employees of a leading airline, we are giving a keynote address to the airline's 300 senior managers on the attributes of high performance.

For more information or to set up an appointment, please contact Dr. Lee at (+) (971) 5581 66996.

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