Hi Friends!

Change of Season; Change in Thought

Welcome to May, where we can all look forward to "Real Spring" and all the metamorphosis that comes with it! 

Speaking of change, remember the Apple ad campaign "Think Different"? Yes, it's grammatically incorrect, but the play on words was intentional. Steve Jobs persisted in dropping the "-ly," to drive the point home that "you always had to be a little different to buy an Apple computer."
Whether you are a Mac person or a PC devotee, "Think Different" is also a great slogan for the entrepreneur life. Call it "mindset shift," "playing Devil's advocate," or "thinking outside the box;" approaching business by "thinking different" yields powerful results.

Take these two gorgeous gifts for example. Take a guess who sent these to me? Go ahead, I'll wait.

Both were given to me by my "competition" -- a fellow rock-star bookkeeper I routinely network and brainstorm with about the various challenges in managing and scaling our businesses. I am a mentor to her as much as she is to me, and we thrive on lifting each other up and celebrating the other's success.
How did we do this? By our shared mantra of "abundance over scarcity."
We embrace the idea that we each can succeed on our own terms, rather than viewing each other as "the enemy." 
I know other pros who take the view of "collaboration over competition." Take the writing community, for example. As content writer Judi McLaughlin says, "If you try to serve everyone, you serve no one." While Judi chooses to create content in blogs and newsletters, she refers business out to other writers who specialize in sales conversion copy or SEO writing. In turn, Judi's network of women writers relies on her for editorial advice and content calendar creation. Everybody wins.

How are you going to "think different" in your business? What idea will you turn on its head to break free of old thoughts and manifest new results? Reach out and share your way to "Think Different" with me!

Suuuper Exciting BB&A News!
I am beyond excited to welcome our new Operations Manager to BB&A!

Kate McDonald will be learning the ropes then running the show over here... allowing me more time to spend more 1:1 with my awesome clients.

Originally from upstate NY, Kate met Beth at her first Boston job over 15 years ago. With two decades of experience in healthcare administration, customer service, supply chain, process improvement, and operations, Kate considers herself a utility infielder for any team she joins.

She strives to live by the motto "leave it better than you found it" and applies that to both her personal and professional life. Kate is a resourceful problem-solver with a keen attention to detail, which comes in handy at work and when DIY-ing her way through her 100-year-old home.

She's also a crazy cat-lady, but we won't go there yet...
Hitting the Books With BB&A
DIY QuickBooks Training for Entrepreneurs.

Are you an entrepreneur frustrated with learning QuickBooks Online? Or worse, have you put off dealing with your books for so long that you aren't sure where to start? Or maybe you know somebody in that situation?

Our first live class was AMAZING! We are now in the process of turning these lessons into bite-sized pieces available for self-paced learning. Click below and sign up to be the first to know when the course is live... and maybe the waitlisters will even get a little gift!
Small Biz Spotlight
Michael Cinquino -

SoHo Creative Studio is a Creative Services agency based in Portsmouth offering photography, videography and design services to small businesses. We specialize in creating content that connects with your customers on a meaningful level to create authentic and sustainable growth for your products and services.

You can connect with Michael on Instagram or LinkedIn.

Beth's Tips of the Month
Did you get a chance to grab my top financial tips for coaches? Click below to get your hands on it!

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