Kelly Green

Dear Sally,

Chabby in Zambia!


Presently it is the winter season in Zambia and Chabby is working in the Remote areas planting Home Churches, getting the people reacquainted with Jesus as their Lord and Savior from sin and self. He is a most ardent worker whose heart is burdened for his people.

Many of these people don't read english and need bibles in their own languages but they cannot afford to buy them. Chabby would distribute as many as he can obtain using the bicycles we have supplied him with.

Chabby travels and speaks wherever he is invited be that a church, a group, the prison, or often in the remote villages where his work is centered presently. We have been working with Chabby sending materials for many years now, he is a true worker for the Lord!

To donate--go to our website > scroll down to the donate button and follow the prompts. The need is very great. Thank you for this support to Chabby and all those he has influence with.

God's Mighty Blessings,

Sally & Jim Hohnberger

Empowered Living Ministries

Empowered Living MInistries
Jim & Sally Hohnberger
Empowered Living Ministries

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