Chag Sameach, GESHER SHALOM!

April 8, 2020
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 Suzette Josif
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 Tobey Lyden
 John & Tobey Lyden

While I cannot help but compare the image of our ancestors in Egypt, huddled in their homes while the 10th Plague raged outside, with us, huddled in our home as the 11th Plague rages outside, this message of hope comes to us from the Israel Philharmonic:
Happy Passover! A musical greeting from the Israel Philharmonic
Happy Passover! A musical greeting from the Israel Philharmonic

Dr. Suess and This Year's Seder:
I do not want you in my house   
I do not want you or your spouse
I do not wish to eat with you  
At Seder one or Seder two!    
Don't get me wrong, I think you're nice   
But the CDC gave out this advice: 
 "Ten Plagues are enough, you don't need one more
Turn away Elijah, the prophet, if he shows up at your front door"
This year's only guests: Father, mother, sister, brother.
NEXT YEAR in Jerusalem! We will say to each other. 
From now on at each seder, this story we'll tell,   
Of how God saved his people with a squirt of PURELL!


Introducing ...
... an online book club featuring contemporary Israeli literature that provides insight into and understanding of the lives and concerns of our Israeli counterparts.
This new, exciting initiative is a partnership between Mercaz USA and the Israel Forever Foundation.
Our first selection, 'A Rabbi's Daughter,' a novel by Avigail Graetz, is a semi-autobiographical story of three generations of strong women. Drawing inspiration from the author's life experience growing up in the south of Israel, in the home of a Masorti (Conservative) rabbi serving a Masorti kehilla, this book is the first Israeli novel set against the background of Masorti Judaism.
On Wednesday, April 22 at 1:00 p.m. EDT, we will have the opportunity to engage in conversation with the author, Avigail Graetz, via a Zoom conference. Join us to learn about the background of the book, before you read it!
A second webinar will be scheduled in late May/early June for participants to discuss the book, after they have read it, with the author!
Questions? Join our MERCAZ Reads Israel Group on Facebook and join the conversation!


Upcoming Lecture

While you can't leave the house we'll be providing you a menu of on line nature lectures and nature tours. We'll send you full information and links on Friday.
They start this Sunday April 12, 1 pm New York, with a look at The Secret Life of Israeli Mammals.

From the Jewish Agency: Sponsored Idan Raichel Concert    400,000 people tuned in!                                               
Sunday, April 12 @7 p.m.
Women of the IDF with Or Cohen, First-ever Female Naval Officer
Ramah Concerts/Services
Featuring Rick Recht            
Kabbalat Shabbat with Michael Harlow                                          
Kabbalat Shabbat with Michael Harlow!
Kabbalat Shabbat with Michael Harlow!

Last Thursday Night's Concert with Rabbi Josh Warshavsky                              
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