March 2018
Speaker Spotlight

Fairyal Maqbool-Halim, is a certified speaker with the Islamic Speakers Bureau for about 6 years, as well as the Speaker of the Year for 2015. She currently serves as the Speaker Liaison for the ISB. 

Fairyal  has considerable experience with presenting all the ISB presentations and has prepared and presented several customized presentations as well. She speaks frequently about cultivating sustainable relationships between local American-Muslims and the wider community. With extensive work experience in the area of human rights, she serves on the board of the Women's Interfaith Network.  

Fairyal holds a degree in Biological Anthropology from the University of Toronto.  Fairyal
 also helps educate parents about college admissions and helps high school students navigate the admissions process. 

What is your favorite part about the ISB? 

The best part, and by far the secret sauce of the ISB, are all its members that form the group. They bring this dynamism to the table that I have not experienced elsewhere. To be in their midst is both invigorating and empowering. 

I also enjoy the connections formed with the audience. I get to meet people I would not have met otherwise and engage in conversations I would not have engaged in otherwise. It is an exhilarating experience to meet people who are open-minded, have a zest to learn and want to be an ally in the face of ignorance. 

How do you spend weekends?
With my family. It doesn't matter what we do or where we are as long as we are together. I have a wonderful husband, Tajammul and together we have 3 loves, 2 boys Shaban and Kian and a daughter Seyhan.

Little known fact about you? 
I used to fence. Also, I was in theater in college and did spoken word/ poetry events. 
"Rania and Hina were so hospitable, happy and enjoyed welcoming and talking to guests! They left a very positive impression! Thank you" -

 Host from Roswell Community Masjid for Visit a Mosque Day

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 Vandalized Arizona Mosque Flooded With Support From Interfaith Allies

Love A Muslim Day Letter Is A Poignant Answer To Hate Threats


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Spring is a time of renewal and hope. As we enter this new season, we would like to wish our Christian brothers and sisters a blessed Easter - Happy Easter! We would also like to wish our Jewish brothers and sisters a Happy Passover or Chag Sameach!   For Muslims, Ramadan, a month of prayers and spiritual rejuvenation, is swiftly approaching and is less than 50 days away.

In this new season, I encourage you to take the time to get to know each other. Whether it's over a cup of coffee with us (Join us at our Coffee with a Muslim! event below) or stopping to chat with a neighbor, let's continue to build bridges of understanding. 

Happy Spring!

Soumaya Khalifa
ISB Executive Director
Movie Screening  Jews and Muslims: Intimate Strangers a Success!

ISB Atlanta, The Temple, Roswell Community Masjid and Atlanta Masjid of Al Islam collaborated on this event series:  Jews and Muslims: Intimate Strangers. This series offered an interfaith opportunity that enabled meaningful conversation between our Muslim and Jewish communities.


Hunger Walk
The Hunger Walk, an event of the Atlanta Community Food Bank, united our community to raise awareness and critical funds for local hunger relief. The ISB was proud to bring together many mosques and organizations to participate. The leading organization, Roswell Community Masjid, raised $3,860! Gwinnett Islamic Circle raised $3,635 and Madina Institute raised $2,135. To see the list of organizations that the ISB brought together and our latest  stats, please click here.


Testimonials from our ISB Speakers!
Testimonials from our ISB Speakers!

Upcoming Events
Coffee with a Muslim
Join us for our Coffee with a Muslim event on March 31st! Yogurt and coffee's on us!  Speakers will be there to talk to community members that would like to meet a Muslim, ask questions, or just hang out!

Where: Menchie's Frozen Yogurt (Alpharetta, GA),
2850 Highway 9 N, Alpharetta, Georgia 30004
Date:  January 20, 2018 
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.


Noor presents to St. Luke Episcopal Church.

Nouha Zaabab  presented TEDx talk at Parkview High School. The event was National English Honor Society's 'PHS Talks,' a mock TEDx event. Nouha's  talk is called 'The Pursuit of Perspective,' where she encourages high school students to expand their circles to gain perspective as they meet new people and/or enter new settings such as college. 

  ISB Executive Director Soumaya Khalifa presented the film Remember Baghdad at the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival and then moderated a moving and heartfelt conversation discussing the film. 
Benjamin Kweskin and Alaa Nagi participated in the panel.
Faraz presents at Visit a Mosque Day at Madina Institute.
Hina and Rania present at  Visit a Mosque Day  at Roswell Community Masjid.
ISB speakers enjoyed listening to o ur keynote speaker, Dr Jeannine Jannot, who shared practical information applicable to the  speakers' everyday lives.
ISB Advisory Council with its dynamic and accomplished leaders was a success!
Attendees  at Jews and Muslims: Intimate Strangers screening. ISB speaker Dr. Farah Khan moderated the discussion.
ISB Speaker Amin Tomeh  at the first Annual Green Team Summit's plenary panel. The summit was organized by the  GIPL  (Georgia Interfaith Power & Light). 
ISB Speaker Tariq Abdul Haqq presents at Masjid Omar on Visit a Mosque Day. 

ISB Speaker Amin Tomeh at the first Annual Green Team Summit's plenary panel.

Huma visited Cumberland Academy and presented to Ms Liang's middle school special needs geography students. The students had excellent and insightful questions for Huma and were very interested in her presentation! 
Amin judges at the Muslim Inter-Scholastic Tournament at the University of Georgia.