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June 29, 2016
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Phone: 203 544-8695
Fax: 203 544-9706
Office Manager: Kim O'Rielly
Education Manager: Jennifer Haynos
Facility Use/Rental: Kim O'Rielly 
President, Dina Gumins
Sisterhood President
    Margaret Mazer Ogdon 
Men's Club President, Dr. Jeff Spector
Chailites News Item Submissions
Please note that events and news for Chailites should be submitted to chailites@templebnaichaim.org by Sunday at 4:00 pm to appear on Wednesday.
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  • Friday, July 1, 6:30 pm: Shabbat Service -- American Songbook Shabbat!
  • Saturday, July 2, 9:30 am: Torah Study, with Rabbi Bearman
We're Almost At Our Goal! 

As of today, we have received more than $16,000 in donations for our Annual TBC Fundraiser.  Our fundraising goal for this year, ending June 30, is $20,000. There's one more day to go!

Many, many, many thanks to the 57 TBC families who have already given! You are helping to keep TBC a strong, vibrant community where we ... pray together, learn together, laugh together, build together, serve together, rock together, play together, explore together and celebrate together!

Contributors as of 6/29/2016  

Abraham, David & Lori
Alexander Family Foundation
Baulsir, Jim & Cindy
Bear, Joe & Massy Bear, Barbara
Bearman, Kay
Bearman, Rachel
Bender, Lew & Doris
Bonheim, Mike & Ellen
Brown, Don & Diane
Brown, Kenneth & Heidi
Busch, Jeffrey & Davis, Stephen
Busch, Iris
Cohen, Robert & Nancy
Corwin, Ronald & Blumenthal, Beth
Curtis, Simon & Cahn, Kiki
Czuczka, Peter & Alice
Darst, Daniel & Rebecca
Dobbin, Barbara
Ellenthal, Jonathan & Suzanne
Escalante, Rudy & Berenbaum, Diane
Feiner, Senia Erlich
Fennessey, Greg & Claire
Frenkiel, Sue
Goldberg, Lloyd & Jeanne
Goldman, Irve & Susan
Gordon, Jonathan & Davis, Cortney
Gumins, Sam & Dina
Heft, Bonnie
Heizler, Howard & Fran
Hollander, Gilbert & Somer, Lisa
Kapel, Robert & Jamie
Kauffman, Paul & Ilene
Klingher, Michael & Schine, Lindsay
Kramer, Harvey & Suzanne
Krasner, Aaron & Pulice, Gina
Kropf, Joe & Rosenberg, Irene
Landau, Charles & Yonkers, Kim
Learman, Alice
Mara, June
Masarek, Alan & Patti
Miller, Bruce & Ria
Nadel, Mac & Wendy
Ruben, Richard & Nan
Rubin, Steven & Jennifer
Sarn, Allan
Scruton, Judson & Michele
Shames, Erv & Louise
Shiller, Larry
Sklar, David & Diane
Sobek, Sharon and Ken
Sollinger, Jeremy & Debbie
Sommer, Greg & Tina
Tartell, Ross & Karen
Ullman, Martin & Terry
Weber, Donald & Melinda
Wolfman, Michael & Meryll
Zuckerman, Stephen & Sharene
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American Songbook Shabbat!

Please join us this Friday night at 6:30pm for an American Songbook Shabbat! In honor of Independence Day, we will experience our service through melodies familiar to us from our national culture.  A celebratory Oneg will follow services.  
Men's Club -- In case you missed last week's Men's Club meeting, here's a small sample! Members had a great time hearing from Steven Portnoy (VP of Men of Reform Judaism), sipping single malt whiskies, sharing personal stories, and talking about what the Men's Club might do for TBC over the next year.  If you're interested in participating, contact Jeffrey Spector at jms884@gmail.com
Drivers and Childcare Volunteers Needed for Syrian Refugee Family!
From Jane Alexander:  Drivers are needed for the Syrian refugee family Wi-Act is helping to settle in Wilton.  The family consists of a single mom, she is a widow, and 5 children, ages 2 almost 3, 5, 10, 11, 12. The 11 and 12 year old are almost 12 and 13. They are all in various program for the summer and need to be driven. The 2 younger boys go to the same place Monday-Friday 9-4. The 3 older children will mostly be a the same place, or only need one driver for 2 drop offs that are near each other. I am using a website, VolunteerSpot for people to sign themselves up on the schedule. If you are interested in helping with this, please email me at   Jane@nodhill.net and I can give you more information.
QUESTION: Are You Using Gmail?

If you are using Gmail, and Chailites messages are ending up under the "Promotions" tab, this can easily be changed so that Chailites always appears under your "Primary tab."  Display the Chailites email and simply select "Add Temple B'nai Chaim to Contacts List" from the right hand drop down menu.  (Email from people or institutions present in your Contacts List always appear under the Primary tab!)  Send any questions to webmaster@templebnaichaim.org
Jewish Family Services!
  • The Jewish Family Services of Greater Danbury/Putnam provides assistance with senior living, mental health care, medical-related topics, legal concerns, and a variety of social services. Service is always confidential and without charge. Contact information: (203) 794-1818 - email: jfsdanbury@gmail.com - 141 Deer Hill Avenue, Danbury, CT 06810
  • The Jewish Family Service of Stamford has a great series of programs and workshops this summer.  Click here for the full listing.

Buy Grocery Cards - Help Support TBC!

Stop & Shop, Caraluzzi's, and Stew Leonard's have agreed to sell the Temple gift cards at a discount of 5-10%. Our congregants purchase the gift cards (they look just like credit cards) from the Temple at face value and use them as cash when shopping at the participating supermarkets. They may be purchased in increments of $100. Please email certificates@templebnaichaim.org if you have any questions and to purchase the cards.
Yahrzeits, July 1 - July 7, 2016
(See also the  Monthly Yahrzeit List  on the TBC Website.)

Zeicher tzaddik livrachah! May the memory of the righteous be for blessing!

Emma Horowitz Friday 7/1/2016 grandmother of Michael Klingher
Roberta Klingher Friday 7/1/2016 mother of Michael Klingher
Julius Bendremer Saturday 7/2/2016 grandfather of Jeff Bendremer
Rebecca Kloot Saturday 7/2/2016 remembered by Nathan Sobel
Cecile Cukier Sunday 7/3/2016 grandmother of Russell Robbins
Vera Ostroff Sunday 7/3/2016 mother of Sue Frenkiel
Hillary Silver Monday 7/4/2016 sister of Rachel Langberg
Elaine Lynn Nadel Wednesday 7/6/2016 mother of Mac Nadel
Peter Van Raalte Thursday 7/7/2016 husband of Marilyn Van Raalte