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June 8, 2016
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Chailites News Item Submissions
Please note that events and news for Chailites should be submitted to chailites@templebnaichaim.org by Sunday at 4:00 pm to appear on Wednesday.
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  • Friday, June 10, 6:15 pm: Confirmation Class Dinner
  • Friday, June 10, 7:30 pm: Confirmation Shabbat Services
  • Saturday, June 11, 11:15 am: Bar Mitzvah of Samuel Marcus. Send a Chai greeting card to Samuel to wish him mazel tov on his bar mitzvah!
  • Sunday, June 12, 10:00 am: Shavuot Study Brunch
Our Crowd: Wines for Chilling & Grilling, Saturday, June 5th
Confirmation and Shabbat Worship, This Friday, 7:30

Congratulations to the Confirmation Class of 2016!

Come join the TBC us on Friday as we celebrate our 2016 confirmation class, their families, and our community!

The pre-service confirmation class dinner is sponsored by the parents of our confirmation students.

This week's oneg is sponsored by the Marcus Family in honor of Sam Marcus's Bar Mitzvah!

If your family would like to sponsor an oneg, preneg or flowers, click here for more information.
Need Mi Sheberach Names!

From Rabbi Bearman:  Unfortunately, we are having problems with our office computer and need to recreate our Mi Sheberach List.  If you would like us to mention a friend or loved one during our Shabbat services, please send their name to officeadmin@templebnaichaim.org - Thank you!
Shavuot Study Brunch, Sunday, June 12, 10:00-11:30 am  

Please join us on Sunday, June 12th, 10:00-11:30 am, for a SHAVUOT STUDY BRUNCH, led by Rabbi
Bearman! Come celebrate the holiday by learning about Shavuot, its customs and traditions. Rabbi Bearman will also lead us in a lively discussion about the Book of Ruth. The dairy brunch to accompany our studies is sponsored by TBC Adult Education and the TBC Ritual Committee.  Please RSVP to ritual@templebnaichaim.org More ...
Men's Club, Monday June 20, 7:30   
'Scotch & Steven Portnoy' or 'Are You a Jewish Male'

From Jeffrey Spector:  Hi Guys! I am excited about a special Men's Club event later this month. Steven Portnoy, the national VP of the Men of Reform Judaism will be sharing with us some thoughts on being a Jewish male in our society, as well as scotch and snacks. I am taking any requests for your favorite type of scotch! RSVP to Jeff Spector at jms884@gmail.com
Havdalah Potluck at the Feldman-Wilkes Home, Saturday June 25th
Staci Wilkes has invited all TBC members (adults and children) to the Feldman-Wilkes home on Saturday, June 25th at 6:30 pm for a Havdalah Potluck. Please RSVP to Staci Wilkes at stacivogue@gmail.com for address details, letting her know who will be attending and what dish you plan to bring. We hope you will be able to join this warm and beautiful celebration marking the end of Shabbat and return to the ordinary week.
If you would like to host a Havdalah Potluck at your home, please send email to the TBC Office or phone at 203 544-8695) so we can arrange a date. Let us know if children are welcome and if you would like to borrow a Havdalah set and/or service.
Jewish Senior Service Program on Long Term Planning, June 21

Join Jewish Senior Services on Tuesday, June 21st (5:30-7:30 pm) as they continue their Monthly Educational Series for families and caregivers that are facing challenges providing care for loved ones with memory loss.  THIS EVENT WILL BE HELD AT THE NEW HARRY AND JEANETTE WEINBERG CAMPUS at 4200 Park Avenue, Bridgeport. (use main entrance).  The topic for the evening will be Long Term Planning
Jewish Family Services!
  • The Jewish Family Services of Greater Danbury/Putnam provides assistance with senior living, mental health care, medical-related topics, legal concerns, and a variety of social services. Service is always confidential and without charge. Contact information: (203) 794-1818 - email: jfsdanbury@gmail.com - 141 Deer Hill Avenue, Danbury, CT 06810
  • The Jewish Family Service of Stamford has a great series of programs and workshops this summer.  Click here for the full listing.

Social Action Volunteers Needed!  


TBC Social Action Committee.
The TBC Social Action Committee has many local ways for you to help others, from pitching in at a soup kitchen to preparing dinner at an emergency shelter.  New opportunities, dates, and times are posted to the TBC website, so please take a look and see where you can help

Other Community Opportunities. There are also other ways to get involved in our communities. You can serve as a foster family, deliver food to those in need, and/or host a high school child in the ABC program.
To the right - TBC and other volunteers at the
Dorothy Day Hospitality House / Danbury Soup Kitchen  
Yahrzeits, June 10 - June 16, 2016
(See also the  Monthly Yahrzeit List  on the TBC Website.)

Zeicher tzaddik livrachah! May the memory of the righteous be for blessing!

Bob Vitanza Friday 6/10/2016 friend of Carrie and Harvey Kulawitz
Albert Farber Sunday 6/12/2016 father of Mitchell Farber
I.Stanley Goldberg Monday 6/13/2016 father of Wendy Agnew
Daniel D. Kramer Monday 6/13/2016 father of Harvey Kramer
Lawrence Schott Monday 6/13/2016 stepfather of Marilyn Crandall