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May 22, 2015

NB: Please use the following updated web link for the Annual Fundraiser contribution form:  

Beit Shirah / House of Music Celebration! 
Our festive service and celebration next  Friday, June 5, will pay tribute to TBC's history and honor Cantor Sobel's 25 th anniversary. As a reminder, this event is the culmination of our fund raising efforts this year.


While historically there would have been a direct cost solicited for our annual fund raiser and celebration, we have decided instead to request contributions in the weeks preceding this event. Whether or not you're in a position to contribute, we hope the entire congregation is able to join together in our Beit Shirah.


Please participate in both celebrating our history and providing for our future. Enclosed in the invitation is a donation card or visit http://bit.ly/CantorSobel25.  If you might be interested in becoming a "Treble Clef" (lead donor), please contact me by phone at (203) 761-1563 or email at president@templebnaichaim.org.    


We appreciate your generous support.   Warmly, Dina Gumins  



Cantor & TBC Trivia Corner!
Cantor Sobel ... 
  •  Ros and Alan Kopfstein, former members of TBC,  brought Cantor Sobel to TBC.

  •  Friday, September 8, 1989 was Cantor Sobel's first time  leading services at TBC.

  •  Cantor Sobel became a bar mitzvah at Temple Sholom  of West Essex, New Jersey. 

Temple B'nai Chaim ... 

  •  In 1981, then President John Paul signed papers to      acquire the land the original TBC building is currently on.
  •  The first service of TBC was held on July 4, 1976 and  had a red, white and blue theme.