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October 14, 2015
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Office Manager: Kim O'Rielly
Education Manager: Jennifer Haynos
Facility Use/Rental: Kim O'Rielly 


President, Dina Gumins

Sisterhood President, Margaret Mazer Ogdon 


Chailites News Item Submissions   

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Chailites should be submitted to chailites@templebnaichaim.org by
Sunday at 4:00 pm to appear on Wednesday.

(Dates and times are also on the TBC website calendar.)   
  • Friday, October 16, 7:30 pm: Shabbat Service
  • Sunday, October 18, 9:30 am: Religious School in session
  • Sunday, October 18, 11:30 am: B'nai Mitzvah class with the Cantor
  • Wednesday, October 21, 11:00 am: Ogden House Senior Luncheon
  • Wednesday, October 21, 4:20 pm: Religious School in session
  • Wednesday, October 21, 7:00 pm: Parenting Workshops on Social Media
  • Thursday, October 22, 4:20 pm: Religious School in session
Simchat Torah Celebration
Join Rabbi Bearman at Sunday's
Interfaith Worship Service

This Sunday, October 18th there will be an Interfaith Worship Service at the Wilton Presbyterian Church, with Rabbi Rachel Bearman, Dr. Kareem Adeeb from the American Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies in Stamford, and Reverend Shannon White from Wilton Presbyterian Church. Immediately following worship there will be an informal discussion with lots of coffee and conversation.
Temple B'nai Chaim / Boost!
Parenting Workshops, Wednesday, October 21st

TBC will be sponsoring two parenting workshops on Wednesday, October 21, conducted by Chris Parrott, a Westport-based counseling psychologist working with Boost Child & Family Services.  
  • The Cyber Child and the Tangled Web of Social Media, 7:00pm - 8:15pm
  • Happiness isn't Happenstance: 5 Keys to Motivate & Inspire Children,  8:15pm- 9:30pm 

Cost: $35 (includes both sessions) - Payment required in advance via http://bit.ly/TBCPW15 by October 14th. -- Contact adulted@templebnaichaim.org after October 14th to see if spaces are still available. - Refunds only until October 14th.
Stop Hunger Now Is in One Week!

Sign up now! On Saturday, October 24, TBC will be participating as a congregation in the 5th annual Stop Hun ger Now packaging event in Wilton.

Don't forget that children 5 and older can help (our 5-year- olds last year had a fantastic time and really contributed!). If you have any questions,  please feel free to contact Don Weber at mdweb27@me.com. If you would like to support this event financially, you can send a check to TBC and note that it is for Stop Hunger Now; or contribute using our online donation form and select "Stop Hunger Now / Tzedakah Fund."
Men's Club Happenings

From Jeff Spector: First, a big thank you to the men who helped take down the sukkah on Columbus Day weekend. You are troopers. Second, we will be hosting a get together next month on Sunday, November 15th (9:30-11:00 am). The meeting will be a three-parter.  Part 1 will be the election of officers.  Part 2 will be a fascinating (hopefully!) discussion of two articles about being a man in our society, "When is it OK for a Man to be Aggressive" and "2 Massive Confessions About So-Called Alpha Males (as written by one)".  As we get closer to the meeting, I will send the articles to all.  Part 3 will be a discussion about specific agendas for future meetings.  Looking forward to see all of our male congregants, both young and old.  Contact Jeff Spector with any questions at  jms884@gmail.com or 203-956-6367.
Hands On! Sisterhood Membership Dinner: Sunday, November 1, 6:00 pm

Sisterhood members or new TBC members are treated to a catered supper with favors. Take some time to hang out with your Temple friends and have a girls' night out. Irresistible raffle items will be available! RSVP by Oct 28th: sisterhood@templebnaichaim.org
Israel Lacrosse Connecticut Showcase

On Saturday October 17, Connecticut Jewish American athletes will compete against Yale's Lacrosse team in New Haven.  Israel supporters, Jewish communities, lacrosse enthusiasts, non - lacrosse people... all are invited to watch the Men's and Women's Elite teams play Yale.  On Sunday October 18, they will play at Chase Collegiate School in Waterbury. More information here...
JFS College Ahead! Program for Parents and Teens 
On Thursday, October 22, at 7:30 pm the Jewish Family Service of Stamford will be hosting a program featuring admissions staff from Binghamton, Bucknell and the University of Vermont to speak about planning for college.  The session will be moderated by Claire D. Friedlander, JFS College Consultant, and will take place at Congregation Beth El in Fairfield.  More information here...  
Ten Minutes of Torah!  

Temple B'nai Chaim is delighted to partner with the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) to bring opportunities for Jewish study right to your inbox.  Several days a week, the URJ publishes Ten Minutes of Torah, a daily email.  Join the thousands of others who open their email to study a commentary on the week's Torah portion, read about a significant moment in Jewish history, connect with life in Israel, or learn about an upcoming holiday. In just ten minutes, you can add to your Jewish knowledge. You can even read Ten Minutes of Torah on the go with your smart phone or tablet.  Click here to sign up today for this special version of Ten Minutes of Torah. Be sure to include TBC's name and location. It only takes 10 minutes a day to get started on a lifetime of Jewish learning. Begin today!

Yahrzeits, October 16-October 22, 2015
(See also the Monthly Yahrzeit List on the TBC Website.)
Samuel Lizan Saturday 10/17/2015 grandfather of Meryll Wolfman
Rabbi Charles D. Lippman Sunday 10/18/2015 remembered by Temple B'nai Chaim
Tillie Gitter Tuesday 10/20/2015 grandmother of Lori Abraham