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February 25, 2015
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Office Manager: Kim O'Rielly
Education Manager:Jennifer Haynos
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President, Dina Gumins

Sisterhood President, Bonnie Heft 


Chailites News Item Submissions   

Please note that events and news for Chailites should be submitted to chailites@templebnaichaim.org by Sunday at 4:00 pm to appear on Wednesday.

TBC Events through March 5, 2015 

(Dates and times are also on the TBC website calendar)

  • Friday, February 27, 7:30-9:30 pm: Shabbat Services, with Shir Appeal
  • Saturday, February 28, 9:30-10:30 am: Torah Study

Religious School Schedule
(Dates and times are also on the TBC website calendar)
  • Wednesday, February 25: Religious School in Session
  • Thursday, February 26: Religious School in Session
  • Sunday, March 1: Religious School in Session - 5th Grade Parent Program on Bar/Bat Mitzvah services (at 10:00 am)
  • Wednesday, March 4: Religious School in session
  • Wednesday, March 4: Confirmation Classes
  • Thursday, March 5: Religious School in session
Shir Appeal, Jewish A Capella Ensemble - Friday!

Shir Appeal, an award-winning Jewish a capella ensemble from Tufts University, will be performing at the TBC on Friday, February 27. They will be bringing their voices to the worship service and doing an additional "set" during the oneg. The group has performed coast to coast, singing in a wide variety of languages and musical styles: Israeli pop and rock, traditional liturgical songs, Jewish world music, and English songs with Jewish themes. And our own Sarah Gruen is a member of this group (bottom row 3rd from left)! It should be a truly wonderful evening.  Click here for more information!
Order Shalach Manot by this Thursday, February 26! 

Click here to send a Purim bag of treats to your fellow congregants. They make a wonderful gift for teachers, b'nai mitzvah coaches and Temple clergy and staff. Don't miss this opportunity to participate in a double Purim mitzvah!  

Celebrate Purim for an Entire Weekend, March 6-8!   


Friday, March 6, Purim Service and Megillah Reading (7:00 pm-8:30 pm). Put on your favorite costume and come to an abbreviated Shabbat service and the congregational Megillah reading. To make the evening really fun, we need volunteers who would like to read part of the scroll of Esther for the community. To tell your section of the story you can use the language of anything from Gone with the Wind to Shakespeare. Don't be afraid to create or use a very creative "translation" of your verses!  (Click here for some ideas.) Email Rabbi Bearman if you'd like to participate!

Saturday Torah Study (9:30 am-11:00 am).  The Torah Study class will explore the Scroll of Esther.  We'll look at the literary context for the Purim story and investigate its less familiar elements!


Sunday Morning (9:30 am-11:30 am).  We'll discover that Purim at TBC has FROZEN over! Come for a Frozen-themed Purim Shpiel and carnival, a fun costume parade, arts and crafts, pizza, and more! Parents should accompany children in grades K-3.
And Who is My Neighbor? New Wi-ACT Four-Part Series at Wilton Library
We are excited to share a new opportunity for community building and education. The Wilton Clergy Association, the Wilton Interfaith Action Committee (Wi-ACT), and the Wilton Library are sponsoring: AND WHO IS MY NEIGHBOR? How Our Community Can Respond to Differences, Divisions and Conflicts. This will be a four part series that takes place on March 10, 17, 24, and 31 from 7:30-8:30 pm at the Wilton Library.  Rabbi Bearman will be participating in the fourth session (March 31) which will include a panel of local clergy. Click here for more information. 
Westchester Jewish Film Festival, April 8-30

The 2015 edition of the Westchester Jewish Film Festival has a diverse array of 38 programs celebrating the grand sweep of the Jewish experience. This year's lineup of dramas and documentaries includes several exciting previews (Phoenix, Felix and Meira, The Farewell Party, and Famous Nathan) as well as new releases from Israel and around the world. Many programs will be followed by discussions with some very special guests, and there are also three live performances! More information... 
Planning for Community Passover Seder

Planning is beginning for a Community Seder on Saturday evening April 4.  Wanted: congregants willing to make their family's version of haroset, chopped liver or a personal favorite starter.  Also wanted: short family stories entitled "Our (My) Jewish Journey".  There are many opportunities to get involved in this wonderful event so please reach out to Susan Farber or Deborah List at membership@templebnaichaim.org.
Jack Potash's Mitzvah Project

Jack Potash's bar mitzvah is coming up on May 30, 2015!  I am collecting used sneakers. The athletic shoes I am collecting will be delivered to a Nike facility and there they will be shredded to make turf fields, tracks, and playgrounds.  See Jack's Mitzvah Project Page on the TBC website for more information.  Other students' projects are posted here. 

B'nai Mitzvah Project Profiles

Students preparing for their bat and bar mitzvahs are encouraged to complete a mitzvah project profile so that information about their project can be posted on the TBC website. (Click here to view the project profile form.) This web address can be shared with others who are interested in your project.  

Social Action Volunteers Needed!  


TBC Social Action Committee. The TBC Social Action Committee has many local ways for you to help others, from pitching in at a soup kitchen to preparing dinner at an emergency shelter.  New opportunities, dates, and times are posted to the TBC website, so please take a look and see where you can helpClick here to participate!     

Other Community Opportunities
. There are also other ways to get involved in our communities. You can serve as a foster family, deliver food to those in need, and/or host a high school child in the ABC program. Click here to participate
To the right - TBC and other volunteers at the
Dorothy Day Hospitality House / Danbury Soup Kitchen  

Yahrzeits, February 27-March 5, 2015  
(see also the (See Monthly Yahrzeit List on the TBC Website.)

Evelyn Byrnes
grandmother of Loretta Tepper
Bernice GoldbergSunday3/1/2015mother of Lewis Goldberg
Freida LezackSunday3/1/2015aunt of Bonnie Heft
Linda CantorMonday3/2/2015cousin of Michael Heft
Manual OstroffTuesday3/3/2015cousin of Sue Frenkiel
Hyman SchwartzTuesday3/3/2015father of David Schwartz
Bruce B. KauffmanWednesday3/4/2015brother of Paul Kauffman
Ruth MellonThursday3/5/2015mother of Marc Mellon
Bert M. ZuckermanThursday3/5/2015father of Linda Gliedman

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