December 11, 2020
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Happy Hanukkah
Our Village is Zooming
Hanukkah Celebrations
Director's Corner
What I Love About Judaism
Staff Away Time
Phishing Warning
Village and Temple Events
Jew It At Home
Happy Hanukkah
ChaiVillageLA wishes you and your loved ones a safe, meaningful, and "light" Hanukkah!
Our Village is Zooming
We cultivated empathy and understanding at Diversity Gym with Gamal Palmer.
Dr. Ellen DuBois highlighted prominent figures in women's battle for the vote at DWD.
Hanukkah Celebrations
Temple Emanuel Hanukkah Candle Lighting
ChaiVillageLA has been given the honor of lighting a candle on the fifth night of Hanukkah along with the Temple Emanuel community. Please join our village representative, Sandy Silas, as we celebrate together.

Monday, December 14 - 6:15 - 7:00 PM
Village Hanukkah Celebration
Join your friends as we celebrate Hanukkah, ChaiVillageLA style. We'll have music, videos, games and special candle lightings - bring your menorah!

Tuesday, December 15 - 6:00 - 7:30 PM
Director's Corner
Devorah Servi
Executive Director
If Miracles Happen There, Can They Happen Here? 

While we in the Diaspora look at our dreidel letters and say, “A miracle happened there,” Israelis say, “A miracle happened here.” Some of us believe in miracles and others simply don’t.  

At Wednesday's Sharing Our Stories Group, led by our insightful Chaplain Intern, Judy Weintraub, we explored how we understand why good things happen. Is it luck? Our own confidence and optimism that draws goodness our way? Blessings? Miracles? Do we have to believe in God or a Divine Spirit to call them miracles? What stories do you tell to explain goodness? 

What I Love About Judaism
Village member Roy Young writes about what he loves about Judaism and its holidays.

Click here to read Roy's essay.
Staff Away Time
Talia Karu will be out of the office December 18-December 25.
Phishing Warning
If you receive an email similar to this one that is supposedly from Mike Diamond, president of Temple Isaiah -- This is a phishing scam, simply delete the email. Stay safe!
New Events
Crystal Bridges American Art Museum Tour
Tour the highlights of this amazing museum in the Ozarks, including iconic works of American Art and the outdoor sculpture garden.

Thursday, January 7 - 11:00 AM-12:00 PM
Village Events
Short Story Discussion Group

This month's short story discussion will be moderated by Barbara Marom-Pollack. Everyone is welcome.

Friday, December 11 - 10:30-11:30 AM
Calm & Creative Workshop
Villager Julie Grass is excited to play with you! Join her to create artwork that will help keep you calm. Next session: December 18.

Friday, December 11 - 1:30-2:30 PM
80's± Groups With Chaplain Intern Judy Weintraub
Sharing Our Stories

We will come together as a group to share the stories of our lives.

Wed. December 23 - 1:00-2:15 PM
Visiting Our Great Sages

Take a time-traveling journey from the comfort of your home! Visit the great sages of our rich tradition.

Tues. December 15 - 1:00-2:15 PM
Understanding the World News

Join Village member Myrna Hant for a timely discussion of news around the country and the world.

Tuesday, December 15 - 10:00-11:30 AM
Village Men's Virtual Meet Up
Join your fellow ChaiVillageLA guys for a virtual meet-up. Get together to say hi and catch up on what you are doing during these unusual times.

Wednesday, December 16 - 12:00-1:00 PM
Tea with the Levines
Join Village members Susan and Joel Levine for virtual afternoon tea and friendly conversation. BYO tea!

Thursday, December 17 - 4:00-5:00 PM
Men's Torah Study

Join Victor Gold and Joel Levine for virtual Men's Torah Study. This session will focus on Joseph as a transformational figure.

Friday, December 18 - 10:30-11:30 AM
Explore! Favelas of Rio De Janeiro
Take a guided tour of the Favelas of Rio. Explore Rio's many unique neighborhoods and meet the inhabitants. Fee: $8 per zoom screen (individual or couple).

Monday, December 21 - 10:00-11:00 AM
Film Discussion Group
Discuss two great films made 80 years apart: the classic "Citizen Kane" and the newly released "Mank." Led by Village member Jeffrey Ellis.

Monday, December 21 - 7:30-9:00 PM
I Love LA Part V
Stuart Goldurs takes us on a tour of more of LA's most unusual spots, including places we used to visit, such as the Helms Bakery Building and Pan Pacific Auditorium.

Wednesday, December 23 - 2:30-3:30 PM
Temple Events
Jewish Humor and Making Light
Explore Jewish humor with Rabbi Zoë and Rabbi Jaclyn. Turn the Festival of Light into an evening of “making light,” sharing jokes, classic Jewish comedy, and some history behind how Jews got so funny.

Saturdays, December 12, 19, and 26 - 8:00-9:00 PM
Rock n' Roll Dreidel Spinning Competition
Stretch those wrists and practice your twist for Temple Isaiah’s Dreidel Spin-Off Competition.

Monday, December 14 - 4:00 PM
Jewish Fantasy & Occult
Gather around the virtual camp fire, and brave Jewish stories of fantasy and occult that will make you shiver. 

Wed., December 16, January 6, and January 27 - 8:00-9:00 PM
Jew It At Home is a free resource for connecting with the greater Jewish community.
We are saddened by the loss of...
David Sookne, friend of Pini Herman and Freedom Rider.
Zecher tzadik livracha. May the memory of the righteous be a blessing and may their memory continue to bless us all.
Refuah Shleimah
A Full and Complete Healing To:
Sandy Bernstein
Gloria Boraz
Bella Desser
Lulu Fairman
Roberta Gillerman
Norma Glickman
Carol Hartmann
David Hirsch
Leonor Kletzky
Barry Korn
Fay Lentin
June Miller
Sandy Trost
David Zarider
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