May 11, 2021
Two Special Events

HAMILTON - MAN, MYTH, MUSICAL AND MENSCH - Click here to register

Visit Our TBC Virtual Art Sale

There are amazing works of art, sculpture and jewelry that have been donated – including beautiful pieces by several of our congregants, including Babette Bloch (on the left), Jon Gordon, Richard Lerner (below left), Joni Johns Lerner and Bruce Miller. We have art by well-known artists, including Saul Chase, Lionel Barrymore, Frederic Remington and Aldo Luongo, as well as several local artists. You can view the auction items and bid on your favorites at

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Hamilton - Man, Myth, Musical and Mensch
The Unknown Story of Hamilton's Jewish Roots
May 12, at 7:30 pm

This fascinating lecture will be presented by Robert Watson, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor of American History & Avron Fogelman Research Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, Lynn University, FL Click here to register. 

Please feel free to invite friends and family. The lecture is free, but donations are most graciously welcome. To make a donation, please click here.
Robert Watson is a professor, author, historian, media commentator and community activist. He joined the faculty of Lynn in 2007 after spending 15 years teaching at universities around the country. He has published over 40 books and approximately 200 scholarly articles, essays and chapters on topics in history and politics. His recent books America’s First Crisis, The Nazi Titanic, The Ghost Ship of Brooklyn, and George Washington’s Final Battle have received critical acclaim. A frequent media commentator, Watson has been interviewed by local, national and international television, radio, print and online outlets including CNN, MSNBC, Time, USA Today, The New York Times, BBC and more. He served for many years as the political analyst for WPTV 5 NBC, a Sunday columnist for the Sun-Sentinel newspaper and a regular guest on television shows “To the Point” (WPTV 5 NBC) and “Issues” (WPBT 2 PBS) and on radio programs on RTE One Ireland, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, WIOD 610 AM and WFTL 850 AM.
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