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World Human Rights Day Roundtable: 
“It’s Now A Human Rights Issue”
Dec. 10th Roundtable Precursor To 2023 Legislative
Committee Hearings,
Year-Long UN 75th Human Rights Anniversary

Chairman Al Bartell
"A New Commitment In The 21st Century"
A little more than one year ago, Al Bartell, Chairman of the World Human RIghts Network spoke before the members of the Georgia State House Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security and the media with this plea:  

“.....But please, I urge you, do not let this become a justification for hard-edge, massive incarceration. I implore you to do the due diligence from public policy management that is consistent, and available, with grace, accountability, and understanding, such that the reaction from a hard-edge, massive incarceration does not become the order of the day.”

Now, moving beyond political elections, activism, and past public policy advocacy for human rights, The World Human Rights Day Virtual Roundtable on Saturday, Dec. 10th, 2022 at 1pm, Chairman Bartell announces, will officially begin the convening and engagement of what he calls "situational conflict stakeholders" -- as a precursor for what lies ahead in 2023:

“This Roundtable Discussion will delve into the massive, in-depth intentionality of community stakeholder exclusion, and power domination of law enforcement instruments that are taking place in the state of Georgia. The Roundtable will unconceal how the conditions holding race and violence issues in place in Georgia are no longer just a criminal justice issue, no longer just a racial issue, a public health issue, or a get-out-of-the-vote issue. These conditions have now become a major human rights issue."

Bartell explains that the World Human Rights Network offers stakeholders participation in an engagement framework at the level and power of a Network that can display their capacity-building efforts to major governmental, non-governmental, and philanthropic bodies – and impact the brutal human rights issues that are entrenched, Bartell asserts, now more than ever, in the state of Georgia, in the United States of America, and around the world. 

The World Human Rights Day Virtual Roundtable will also discuss the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) as a place of reference, where "all can be held accountable". Passed by the United Nations on Dec. 10, 1948, largely due to the leadership efforts of Eleanor Roosevelt, appointed by then-President Harry S. Truman, the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) will be celebrated on December 10th, 2023.

Ahead of this milestone celebration, starting on this year's World Human Rights Day on December 10th, 2022, the UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights will launch a year-long campaign to showcase the UDHR by "focusing on its legacy, relevance and activism". The High Commissioner's website points to the need for a new commitment to world human rights:

"Our hope is to increase knowledge of the UDHR as a foundational blueprint for taking concrete actions to stand up for human rights.

"In the decades since the ratification of the UDHR in 1948, human rights have, in real terms, become more recognised and more guaranteed across the globe. However, the promise of the UDHR, of dignity and equality in rights, has been under a sustained assault in recent years."

More information on the World Human Rights Day Virtual Roundtable can be found in the coming weeks by visiting: