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Embracing  our  neighbors 
with  Christ-like  love 
May 4, 2021
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This coming Sunday in worship -- 
May 11, 2021


"No Shortage of Love"

1 John 5:1-6

A Message from the Pastor
I am extremely thankful for the progress we have made in our country's response to the coronavirus. We have come a long way since the peak days of illness and death in January. Yes, local COVID hospital admissions have remained stubbornly steady in Stage 3 for the past several weeks, but they may be inching downward towards Stage 2 now. In Travis County, the 7 day moving average currently shows 46 in ICU and 25 on ventilators. For the U.S., around 600 people continue to die of COVID 19 every day.  That number seems like a victory when compared to the 3,000+ we were losing every day a few months ago. But in reality, it is still a massive, horrible loss of life every single day. 

Yet my gratitude is great for the progress that has been made. Vaccine research began quickly and was adequately funded so that mass quantities could begin to be manufactured even before the clinical trials and final approval were completed. Time was saved and lives were saved. 

The vaccine roll-out was chaotic and confusing at the start. There was a lot of anxiety because the transmission rate was quite high as local health leaders were trying to figure out vaccine eligibility, distribution, scheduling, etc. But I rejoiced with every single report of a vaccination. RRCC members started to get their shots. Facebook friends who are doctors and nurses and chaplains began to post photos of their vaccination cards. With each shot given, I felt safer. The more who were protected, the more difficult the spread of the virus would become. Like wearing a mask, getting your vaccine is more about protecting others than yourself. The goal is herd immunity.

I was super eager to get my shot, and was elated when I became eligible. Long before then I had resolved to receive whichever type of COVID vaccine was offered to me. All that were approved had been demonstrated to be safe and highly effective against the virus. I didn't find out which one I would receive until I arrived at the hospital. 

We've now reached a point in our country where supply has caught up with demand, and perhaps even exceeds it. At this point it seems that people can, if they wish, pick and choose which vaccine they want to receive. But I am so glad that people didn't hesitate to receive whatever was offered in December, January, February, March, and most of April. If people had, the percentage of folks getting their shots would have climbed more slowly, leaving lots of people more vulnerable. Probably many many more Americans would have died.

Now my prayer is that those who continue to be hesitant will follow the advise of their doctor and get the vaccine. 

Peace in Christ,
Pastor Mitch

RRCC Online Giving

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Change of Address
Fern Chester has moved. Her new address is below, and she would love to receive cards and visits. Fern has been an integral part of Round Rock Christian Church from our early days. Her late husband, the Rev. Dr. Ray Chester, was our first minister. Through the years, Fern has served in many roles, and has been very active in Open Circle Class and the monthly book group. Despite being our oldest member, Fern remains energetically curious about the world and always eager to learn more. She enjoys using, and is not intimidated by, modern technology. She is an Elder Emerita.  

Fern Chester
Buckner Villas
Greenridge Building, Apt. 205
11110 Tom Adams Dr.
Austin, TX 78753

Upcoming Events 

There will be no events/meetings held in the RRCC facility until further notice.  
Some RRCC activities and events have been cancelled until further notice. 
Most are continuing online via zoom.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021  May the 4th be with you!
7:00 p.m.
- Elders: 40 Days of Prayer & Faith Sharing (via Zoom) Link HERE
7:00 p.m.
- Shalom Congregation (off site)
4:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
- Texas Heat Volleyball

Wednesday, May 5, 2021  
10:00 a.m.
- Caring Hearts Prayer Group (via Zoom) Link HERE
7:00 p.m.
- Chancel Choir (via Zoom) Link HERE
4:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
- Texas Heat Volleyball

Thursday, May 6, 2021
4:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
- Texas Heat Volleyball

Friday, May 7, 2021
4:00 p.m.
- Moponic Monthly Cleaning of RRCC

Saturday, May 8, 2021
8:00 a.m.
- Shalom Congregation
8:30 a.m.
- Disciples Men's Breakfast Link HERE
9:30 a.m.
- Handcrafters (in person--outside, in front of the church; bring a mask and your own chair)

Sunday, May 92021  
9:45 a.m.
Explorers Sunday School (via Zoom) Link HERE
9:45 a.m.
- Open Circle Sunday School (via Zoom) Link HERE
11:00 a.m.
- Worship (via Zoom) Link HERE
- Manantial de Vida Congregation (off site)

Monday, May 10, 2021
9:30 a.m.
4:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
- Texas Heat Volleyball

Tuesday, May 11, 2021
7:00 p.m.
- Elders Meeting 40 Day Prayer Journal (via Zoom) Link HERE
7:00 p.m.
- Shalom Congregation (off site)

ZOOM MEETING LINKS, events and details can be viewed on the RRCC Calendar
RRCC Saturday Events

Disciples Men's Breakfast
Saturday, May 8, 2021 @ 8:30 a.m. 
via Zoom  Link HERE

Saturday, May 8, 2021 @ 9:30 a.m. 
in front of the church.
BYO mask and chair!


Ladies mark your calendar for Monday, May 10, 9:30 AM, for the monthly DWM meeting. We will come together via zoom (link below) for study, fellowship, and a brief business meeting.

The bible study this month is another in the series of Just Women Embracing Life that examines biblical narratives, correlating them with 21st Century challenges. The theme words....hope, healing, and wholeness have been chosen to help us examine our personal journey and to embrace our neighbors with Christ-like love.

The May study is titled: 
For Everything There Is A Season: The Wisdom of God's Time. 

Linda Glover will facilitate the study.

The scripture text is Ecclesiastes 3:1-15. This familiar passage speaks poetically of the many seasons of life and reminds us that our lives are within God's time. It also prompts us to remember that God is faithful throughout our lives if we but call on him.
Please read the Ecclesiastes passage before the meeting, making note of the version of the bible that you read it from. This passage has a multitude of descriptors of each theme concept. The words of each version of the bible open new windows of beauty. Make note of a portion that jars a memory when you called for help and God was present, or of a certain phrase that resonates in a special way for you today.

Please join your sisters in Christ with this zoom link for DWM, Monday, May 10, at 9:30:

Mission South and Disciple Oaks Summer Camps 2021

Church camp changes lives! You can register online here.  You can also register on the Disciple Oaks website. For a copy of this flyer you can download it here For a copy of the Mission South Summer Camp 2021 Fees download it here For a copy of the CampDoc Registration Instructions download it here More information can be found at our website, link above. 

2021 Summer Camp Dates:

CYF Conference: June 21-July 3, 2021

Eighter's Camp: July 4-10, 2021

JYF Camp: July 20-21, 2021

Chi Rho Camp: July 25-31, 2021

Online Registration opens March 15, 2021
More info:

Bluebonnet Area/LRGVD Assembly

The 2021 BBA/LRGVD Assembly to be held on Saturday, May 15, 2021 at Central Christian

Church of San Antonio for those attending in person and via Zoom for those attending virtually.

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Chancel Choir


Chancel Choir meets via ZOOM on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.:
Did You Miss a Newsletter?

Past newsletters dating back to mid-March 2020 are currently archived under the "ABOUT US" tab on the RRCC Website.

Upcoming Birthdays

May 4
- Edie Heuss
May 5
- Solomon Habtemariam
May 5
- Michael Scherer
May 8
- Phyllis Wilson
Prayer Needs

1. Our Guiding Board, Ministries Council, Elders, Deacons, Ministries and Teams. Our Elders will soon finish up their "40 Days of Prayer & Faith Sharing" 
2. Our staff: Jimmy, Mitch, Katie, Randy, and Molly
3. Our music ministries and their leaders: Randy Preston, Rod Walker, and Jimmy Horowitz
4. Our tech team: Gary Collier, Tara Pollock, Katie Maybaum, Randy Preston, Rod Walker, and Dan Knight
5. Our Reopening Task Force
6. Our Caring Hearts Prayer Group
7. Our Stephen Ministries (Care Receivers and Caregivers)
8. Our partnership with Shalom Seventh Day Adventist & Manantial de Vida congregations (and their pastors Edy Rosa Paez and Maria Rosario) 
9. Reverends Christal Fisher (South Texas) and Andy Mangum (CCSW)
10. Rev. Alfred Walker, the newly called Community Regional Minister (CRM) for Reconciliation and Anti-Racism. Welcome, Rev. Walker!

1. For all who are grieving the loss of a loved one in recent months

2. For all who have been ill with COVID-19, and their families

3. Acree, Mary -- recent health challenges and falls 
4. Barnett, Barbara -- recent fatigue
5. Cratin, Katherine -- sister and brother in law, Marietta and Frank, both with health issues
6. Fennimore, Nancy -- sister Joan Heckford managing ALS symptoms; son Adam recovering from COVID 19
7. Guilbeau, Rick & Cynthia; Cynthia's father, Harold Hubbard, in new living situation
8. Johnston, Janette -- mother Billie, in Alabama, will have surgery May 14th; granddaughter Izzy waiting to be scheduled for surgery to correct heart valve anomaly
9. Malone, Betty -- sister Carolyn recently had major cancer surgery and remains hospitalized
10. Maybaum, Liz and Paul -- Arizona friend Cathie was killed in automobile accident
11. Miller, Chris -- (son of Jean Bell) experiencing some neuropathy from cancer treatments
12. Mouser, Tricia -- rheumatoid arthritis infusion treatments and side-effects
13. Salzwedel, Molly -- her aunt Margaret is hospitalized with COVID
14. Tucker, Terry -- brother of Gary Tucker -- recovering from recent surgeries and and ongoing tests and consultations
15. Walker, Lisa -- receiving dialysis treatments 3x per week
16. Wilson, Garvid -- chemo/immunotherapy and radiation treatments have concluded; will consult with doctor on the 11th to discuss recent scan
17. York, Tasha -- mother Peggy Massey with health challenges; now living with family

1. All who don't know Jesus
2. COVID-19 (the ill, their families, medical professionals, essential workers, treatment and vaccine researchers, the logistics of distributing and administering the vaccine safely and efficiently, evaluating side effect risks, reaching "herd immunity")
3. Those who have lost jobs during the pandemic; businesses that are struggling
4. All people who are persecuted for their faith throughout the world 
5. Our military personnel and families
6. Pressing immigration concerns at our border, development of an immigration policy for the U.S. that is fair, just, and responsible; cooperation and communication with Mexico and Central American countries
7. Developing policies and education programs to battle systemic racism in all of its forms
8. For all efforts toward affordable health care for all Americans
9. For all efforts to make voting safe, simple, and easily accessible for all in our country; and to oppose recent voter suppression legislation
10. U.S. lawmakers and community leaders to work together to solve the problem of mass shootings in schools, places of work, etc.
11. All teachers, administrators, students, and parents. Our neighborhood schools: Union Hill Elementary School and Hopewell Middle School.
Sunday School Classes
[There will be no Sunday School classes in the church building for the foreseeable future. 
Some classes will be meeting via Zoom 
during this time of social distancing.]
Early Childhood Class (ages 4-7) -Taught by Lisa Walker

Intermediate Class (3rd - 5th grade) - Taught by Jennifer Kienzle 
Chi Rho Class - (6th - 8th grade) (studying the book, "Middle School TalkSheets" for ages 11-14.  "These TalkSheets present every aspect of Jesus' life in a way that young teens can connect with as they learn to apply the lessons to their own lives.")
CYF Class (9th - 12th grade)  
Open Circle (primarily adult women) - 9:45 a.m. Sunday mornings via ZOOM, Studying Gospel Medicine.  ALL ARE WELCOME!  Link HERE
Explorers (mixed adults) - 9:45 a.m. Sunday mornings via ZOOM, Facilitator is Mildred Adair; finishing up a study of the New Testament Book of Acts, using the resource by John MacArthur. Romans will be next.  Link HERE
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9:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Elder's Prayer Corner/Closing Message

In this is love, not that we loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins.
-- 1 John 4:10

The issue of atonement is how God overcomes the gap that exists between God and the created world. This is often illustrated by breaking the word into three separate words: "at one ment." The word we use to describe the alienation or separation that exists between the world and God and that is exhibited between humans and creation as well as between fellow humans is sin. It not only describes a rebellion against God but also the state of separation in all our relationships that violates his intention. This is why Jesus could summarize all the law and the prophets in the commandment of love of God and love of neighbor. John first makes clear that the initiative for overcoming this gap is not left on the shoulders of humanity but is taken up by God. God does this, not in response to some noble or heroic act on our part but simply because he loves us.

The action taken by God was to send Jesus as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. Because we are so aware of child abuse, this image of God sending Jesus as a sacrifice strikes many ears as an act of abuse. A human parent that would cause his child to suffer for the parent's agenda would be said to be engaging in child abuse. An alternative interpretation is that God's love for humanity and all creation was so great that God would send the best, his Son, to reflect his love and therefore win them back. Jesus makes clear in the gospel of John that this is a voluntary act on his part. The cross becomes the price Jesus is willing to pay rather than the price God demands. In an age in which people use scripture to justify sinful behavior, it is a distinction that is important to make.

 Father God, We come in love because you have loved us so very much. Help us to know that our Savior truly gave himself so that we might be gathered in. Let us appreciate that 
we are so very well blessed and work to live into the life you have for us. In Christ we pray, Amen